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    God Inside Us


    God Inside Us : Ethos Spiritual Consciousness Clinic Delhi, India

    God is omnipresent and so is inside us. God Inside Us who sees everything what do we think, feel and act. It is there to judge and decide our destiny. Those in harmony with God Within are wise and happy. Those not, only create internal unhappiness although externally they may boast of artificial happiness like money. It is up to you to be one with God Within or in conflict. Choice is yours.

    God is there inside

    So many religions but God is one. God is present everywhere. With universal presence, God is present inside us is watching all that we go through, all that we think, all that we do. No one can hide anything from God within. No one can fool God. We all get what we deserve. Right?

    Think again.

    We all know this but see again what is happening around. Specially see what do we do. We manipulate, play fraud, lie, deceive others, hurt others, forgets our duties, claim more than we deserve. And then we rush to God to save us from problems. We offer money at places of worship or do charity to wipe out our sins.

    Is God fool?


    God does not need any proof. No excuses works. You get what you have given. So be ready.