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    The Mind Lab

    For Superior Mind Control and Mind Power


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    Unleash the hidden power of mind. Human beings are said to use only a small fraction of the mind power they have. Mind is the amazing gift of nature to human beings. It is because of this mind, that the humans have proved their superiority over animals. It is because of this mind that we see some people more successful in life. They are said to have smart brains. All great inventions and discoveries are because of mind power. It is required for thinking, planning, learning, performing, achievements, academic growth, brighter career, better personalities and even happier relationships. Mind power is not entirely because of genes, a big part of it is because of development. There lays the potential in being BETTER. There are special ways and techniques by which enormous mind power can be generated and used for success in life.

    MasterMind – The Mind Lab is useful for

    • Developing power of subconscious mind
    • Developing leadership skills
    • Improving memory and concentration
    • Developing creativity and lateral learning
    • Awakening chakra and kundalini
    • Attaining Success and higher achievement
    • Enabling multiple tasking
    • Higher emotional maturity
    • Better anger management
    • Creating happiness and joy
    • Improving relationships
    • Improving sleep and other body functions
    • Personality development
    • Peace and harmony
    • Prevents stress, depression and anxiety
    • Better mind body balance and coordination
    • Developing multiple intelligence
    1. Mathematical Intelligence – Ability for better calculations and analysis, helps in money management
    2. Linguistic Intelligence – Ability for better expressions & communication, helps in performance
    3. Musical Intelligence – Ability for better listening, rhythm and sounds, helps in recreation and self development
    4. Visual Intelligence – Ability for better observation & interpretation, helps in better learning
    5. Kinesthetic Intelligence – Ability for better body control & movements, helps in efficient activity output
    6. Naturalistic Intelligence – Ability for sensitivity towards nature, helps in being environment friendly and in harmony
    7. Interpersonal Intelligence – Ability for better social understanding, helps in developing healthy relationships
    8. Intrapersonal Intelligence – Ability for better understanding of self, helps better management of self
    9. Enhance Life Skill Quotients like
    • Emotional Quotient
    • Intelligence Quotient
    • Spiritual Quotient
    • Social Quotient
    • Health Quot

    A Unique Mind Development Program for Children & Adults

    For    Achievement    Success     and    Happiness

    A Positive Therapy created by Dr S K Sharma after years of research on the functioning and development of mind.

    What MasterMind can do for you :

    • It helps in development of mind & brain.
    • It improves functioning of mind like intelligence, concentration, memory, study & learning skills, creativity etc.
    • It improves efficiency of mind and helps in multitasking.
    • It improves self control & gives emotional stability. It prevents and helps in psycho-emotional complaints.
    • It removes mental conflicts and complexes.
    • It creates organized, calm, efficient, sharp and powerful mind.
    • It helps in achieving confidence, success and in realizing best of self potential.


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