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Low Self Confidence

Low Self Confidence – ETHOS HEALTH CARE.

We all wish to have good confidence. It is seen as key element for success in every aspect of life. But most of us go through phases of low confidence. For some it becomes a constant feature of personality.

Low self confidence is felt by people in different terms:

  • Feeling low or inadequate
  • Desire or need to withdraw from society
  • Shying away from responsibilities and competition
  • Feeling lesser being than others
  • Lack of zest and energy
  • Helplessness
  • Worthlessness
  • Lack of will to learn
  • Giving up without trying

It is not that those with good confidence are always successful. But they do not lose spirit, accept situations and continue to work. Confidence is not uniform. We may feel confident in some and not so confident in other situations. But there is some base line which decides the level of self esteem.

Factors affecting self confidence

  • Parental attitude
  • Parents own confidence level
  • Early childhood circumstances
  • Family status
  • Friend’s influence
  • Teacher’s influence
  • Early success or failure

How to improve self confidence

Self confidence is not fixed. It can go both up and down. It can be improved by self help or by taking professional help. Some of the ways of boosting self confidence are:

  • Do not be judgmental
  • Let past go, move on
  • Start thinking positive
  • Set realistic goals
  • Focus on action
  • Use your positive qualities effectively

Therapies for Self Confidence

  • Counseling – One can discuss and learn self confidence boosting skills. Also one can discuss personal problems which are working as hindrance in boosting self confidence.
  • Psychotherapy – Therapies like CBT, Rational Emotive Therapy and others are very helpful in overcoming psychological issues and restructuring mindset.
  • Hypnotherapy – Very effective for quick and deep results. It works at deep subconscious level, resolves past conflicts and helps in setting focus on future goals.
  • Homeopathy – A very safe, natural and effective therapy to gently resolve all psychological and personality issues. It works at a very subtle level, relieves physical and psychological discomfort and improves self confidence.