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    Everything You Need To Know About Your Muscle Pull Or Strain

    Everything You Need To Know About Your Muscle Pull Or Strain

    A pulled muscle or muscle strain happens when your muscles are torn or overstretched. Generally, it happens due to numerous reasons like fatigue, improper use, or overuse of the muscles. Well, a strain can happen to all muscles of your body. But, the most common muscles where the muscle strain takes place are the neck, lower back, shoulder, and hamstring. The hamstring is the muscle that stays behind your thighs. These strains generate some pain and limit the movement of that specific muscle. Well, you can take care of the mild or moderate strain all by yourself. In case of severe strains, you may need medical treatment.

    How to understand if you have a muscle strain?

    Most of the times, you will understand that you came across a muscle strain. The common symptoms of muscle strain are:

    • Swelling of the muscles.
    • Your movements are limited.
    • Discoloration or bruising.
    • Distress in the flesh.
    • If you feel like knotted up.
    • Muscle spasms are also a prevalent symptom of muscle pull or strain.
    • If your muscles are going through stiffness.
    • Weakness in your muscles may also signify the muscle pull or strain.

    What causes muscle strains or pull?

    There are various reasons for muscle strain or pull. Let us have a look at the reasons that contribute to the muscle pull.

    • Not getting a proper warm-up before going for any physical activity.
    • Poor flexibility is another reason for muscle strain.
    • If your muscles are poorly conditioned, there is a possibility that you will go through muscle strains.
    • Fatigue or overexertion is also a significant reason for muscle strain or pull.

    In the case of acute strains, the reasons are:

    • Lose or slip your footing
    • Not jumping properly.
    • Running wrongly.
    • Lifting something heavy.
    • Lifting something when your position is awkward.

    When must you visit a doctor?

    We have already discussed that in the case of moderate or mild strains, home treatment is good enough. But you have to opt for medical attention if any of these things happen:

    • If the pain is not fading after a week.
    • Numbness in the injured areas.
    • If blood is coming out of the injury.
    • If you cannot walk properly.
    • When the movement of your arms and legs becomes impossible.

    Several imaging tests and physical examination like X-rays and MRI scans will help your doctor to determine the intensity of your injury.

    How must you prevent muscle strains?

    There are a number of ways by which you can prevent muscle strains. Here are the techniques that we are talking about.

    • Avoid sitting on a single position for too long.
    • While sitting or standing, try to maintain a good posture.
    • Be careful while lifting heavy objects.
    • Take precautions so that you can prevent falls, which are the common reasons behind sprains.
    • In case if you are overweight, try to lose some.
    • Wear the shoes that fit properly, or it will pull your muscle.
    • Besides, doing regular exercise will deter you from developing muscle strain or tear.

    So, these are the things that you need to know about muscle pull or strain.