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    Homeopathy For Happiness

    Homeopathy Happiness – ETHOS HEALTH CARE

    Homeopathy has unique place in creating happiness

    • It is effective in treating psychiatric diseases and gives peace of mind.
    • It improves alertness & functioning of mind. It does not make mind dull.
    • It is safe for all ages and conditions. It has no side effects.
    • It does not create dependence.
    • It is proactive and prevents sickness from developing.
    • It has unmatched reputation in treating psychosomatic conditions helping at both physical and mental level simultaneously.
    • It is suitable for both acute and chronic phases of sickness.
    • It values the significance of person’s thoughts, feelings, behavior as well as life incidents & circumstances.
    • It very well deals with emotional traumas and pent up emotions.
    • It can deal with chemical imbalance in brain and brings that back to balance

    Homeopathy has given high emphasis on psychology and personality of the person to be treated of any physical disease or psychological complaint. It takes mind and body as a complete whole. Its treatment of psychological complaints is positive i.e. it not only relieves complaints but also makes the person more functional to become more adaptable and better equipped to handle stress of life. Homeopathy understands and values minute feelings and also physical impact of emotions. It does not ridicule strange looking feelings and sensations but takes them as important messages of inner health. It ‘cures’ the root cause of psychological complaint be it impact of grief, disappointment or discord in personal life. It can even resolve pent up emotions & bad memories. It is said to restores the chemical imbalance in brain.