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    Complicated Sickness Clinic

    Supported by Computerized Holistic Diagnosis including Preventive Diagnosis, this is another first from pioneers of holistic healthcare movement, Ethos offers revolutionary Complicated Sickness Clinic.  If you are suffering from pain or disease for a long time and you have been to many doctors without any significant or sustained relief then this is just for you.

    Medical science has made enormous progress and it has indeed helped mankind a great deal. But despite that sometimes it is not able to help people suffering from pain or disease. In such state people have no option but to continue with pain killers, suppress sickness with increasing dosage of medicine or keep running from one doctor to another in search of relief. This is where Ethos Holistic Wellness Protocol comes to care.

    There are various reasons or factors which can lead to insignificant relief in treatment. Some are:

    • Strange symptoms
    • Genetic disorders
    • Multi System ailments
    • Multi Factorial ailments
    • Psychosomatic ailments
    • Idiopathic ailments or unknown aetiology (cause)
    • Idiosyncratic conditions
    • Resistant ailments/ non reactive cases
    • No / nonspecific option in allopathy / conventional medicine
    • Iatrogenic ailments (including side effects of medicines)
    • Advanced cases
    • When nothing works

    Strange symptoms

           There are many occasions when ailment presents with strange symptoms which perplex even doctors.  Some are:

    • Weakness, pain and other complaints getting better by exertion and worse by rest.
    • Complaints flaring up only at high altitude or seaside.
    • Complaints repeating at fixed time of the day, month or year.
    • Many complaints affecting only one side of the body or complaints alternating sides.
    • Physical complaints alternate with mental complaints.
    • Tendency to fall or get injured even if there is no vision or neurological disorder.
    • Diarrhea alternate with constipation.
    • Feeling hungry but there is aversion to food.
    • Stomach feels empty even after full meal.
    • Feeling of something alive inside body.
    • Feeling of water in head or looseness of brain.
    • Feeling of lump or thorns in throat even in the absence of inflammation.
    • Nose bleeding instead of menstruation.
    • Fever with some part of body hot and others cold.

    List is endless

    Genetic disorders

    There are many disorders or diseases due to genetic cause. These pose a stiff challenge for medical science. Some examples are: Type 1 diabetes, some cancers, obesity, autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis, hemophilia, familial hypercholesterolemia, sickle cell anemia, cystic fibrosis, polycystic kidney etc.

    Multi System ailments

    In some cases more than one body systems gets affected which affects the clinical presentation of the case. It can also lead to difficulty in treatment because it requires more than one specialist to assess and manage the case. Lack of coordination among medical consultants can lead to incorrect management of case. For example sarcoidosis is one such ailment which can involve the liver, spleen, eyes, sinuses, skin, bones, joints, skeletal muscle, kidney, reproductive organs, heart, salivary glands, and nervous system.

    Multi Factorial ailments

    In some cases the sickness is the result of many factors working together on body. In such cases if the doctor is not careful enough to eliminate or minimize all factors, the relief remains elusive despite increasing medicine dosage. For example coronary heart disease and diabetes with obesity. 

    Psychosomatic ailments

    These are the conditions in which psychological causes & stresses affect body functions and tissues to the extent of sickness. This is mostly due to inappropriate activation of autonomic nervous system and glands. Sometimes the real cause of such state is not attended and the treatment fails to give relief for obvious reasons. For example Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS or stress induced hypertension.

    Idiopathic or cryptogenic ailments or unknown aetiology (cause)

    These are the conditions or ailments of which the cause is yet unknown. For example Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura. 

    Idiosyncratic conditions

    In idiosyncratic conditions there is excessive and abnormal activity or reactions to things or stimuli which are otherwise do not cause such reaction. For example idiosyncratic asthma or idiosyncratic drug reaction in which people become hyper sensitive to commonly used medicines.

    Resistant ailments / non reactive cases

    There are cases which do not get better for unknown reasons. A correct diagnosis is made and appropriate treatment is also taken. Second opinion (even multiple opinions) confirms the treatment but sickness does not respond at all. 

    No / nonspecific option in allopathy / conventional medicine

    There are conditions / ailments where allopathy / conventional medicine has nothing much to offer or try some non specific treatments. In many such cases the relief is insignificant or none at all. 

    Iatrogenic ailments (including side effects of medicines)

    There are ailments which are result of allopathic / conventional medicine treatment and this includes side effects of medicines. For example resistant infections, side effects of chemotherapy or anti tuberculosis treatment. 

    Advanced cases

    Some ailments reach such advanced stages where nothing much can be done. To add, most of such cases become so sensitive that they are unable to tolerate strong medicines. Even in such cases it is possible to give relief from suffering and help in achieving a better quality of life. 

    When nothing works

    And finally there are cases where just nothing goes right and nothing works.  The case remains undiagnosed. Investigations are inconclusive. So is the treatment.

    In all such cases Ethos Holistic Wellness Protocol offers new hope to get relief and regain good health.

    Additional benefits of Ethos Holistic Wellness Protocol

    • Computerized Holistic Diagnosis including Preventive Diagnosis
    • Better overall health
    • Better body functions
    • Healthier and longer life
    • Better mood and sleep
    • Lesser side effects
    • Lesser need of allopathic / conventional medicines
    • Reduces necessity of surgery
    • More economical healthcare
    • Less visits to doctors, saves time 

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