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    Four Things You Should Know About A Calf Muscle Strain And Treatment

    Four Things You Should Know About A Calf Muscle Strain And Treatment

    The calf muscle has never got the attention from us that it demands. It is one of the most important muscles that help us to work, as well as the most neglected one. Until one day you suddenly experience a calf muscle strain and only then you will know how important it is. So here in this article, we are going to tell you four most important things about a calf muscle strain and its treatment. Hang tight with us.

    ·       What is a calf muscle strain?

    Before anything, this question is the most important question you should know about. The calf muscle is on the dorsal side of our lower leg. Two muscles namely the gastrocnemius and soleus. These two of the muscles are interconnected with the Achilles tendon. Calf muscles strain is usually not that fatal in most of the cases and it with complete rest for a few days we can cure that. Calf muscle strain or more widely known as pulled muscle is the effect of the stretching beyond the limits of the tissues. However, there are three degrees of muscle strain divided based on its severity. A first-degree strain involves muscle fibre whereas the second- degree strains happen with an extensive group of muscle fibres. Last and the most severe muscle strain version refers to a rupture.

    ·       What are the symptoms of a calf muscle strain?

    As per we know, there are three types of calf muscle strain. Now, what are the symptoms of these different kinds of strains?

    The first-degree strain may not present any kind of symptoms until the activity ceases. After the activities ceases, you may feel sensations of tightness or cramping while stretching the muscles.

    Whereas in the second-degree strain, you are going to experience the pain in a more severe level the grade one strain. This type of strain may send flares of pain on muscle stretches.

    The third- degree strain is a serious one as it possesses complete rupture of the muscle. These strains are serious as they bring a feeling of burning or stabbing immediately. The muscles completely get torn in this case.

    ·       How to treat a calf muscle strain?

    There are a few ways to treat calf muscle strain. You can try the methods below:

    • The R.I.C.E method: Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation method (Rice in short) is one of the best ways to cure muscle strain. The calf should be rested on an elevated position. Ice should be applied indirectly on the skin. Repeat this in every two hours for twenty minutes at least.
    • Medication: If opting for medications, the anti-inflammatory ones are going to help you the best.
    • Physical therapy: And the very obvious and inevitable process is physical therapy. It will help you to rebuild muscles.


    A few preventive exercises:

    • Warm-up for twenty minutes at least before the matches to improve extension and flexibility.
    • Keep doing the cool-down stretches.
    • Include muscle strength training in your exercise routine.

    So, these were a few things you should know about calf muscle strain. Never neglect the calf muscle again. It is a very important one.