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    Suicidal disposition

    Suicidal disposition

    Human beings have a varied mental state which actually keeps varying depending on the inputs received by the brain in an individual. This leads to certain changes in the mental state of the individual. At times, one is not able to bear the challenges and sorrows currently existing in the lives of the individuals. This leaves two options for the respective individual. One is to take up the challenges positively, and the other one is to perform the most cynical and depressing acts in the form of suicide.  Suicidal disposition is one such state of the mind of the individuals where one does not feel like living anymore and feels that one should attempt suicide, thus ending his life.

    Suicidal disposition possesses several risks associated with the same. This makes the presence of suicidal nature a risky and harmful affair for the patients. Suicidal thoughts which are at times known as suicidal ideation lead to the cultivation of the negative thoughts in the mind of the individual. This results in the respective individual to have a sphere of negativity revolve in his life. The aura of negativity spreads across the lives of the individuals who are surrounding the individual who is developing suicidal thoughts.

    Symptoms linked to suicidal disposition and thoughts: Here are the most common symptoms which are most common among other patients:

    • There is a development of a feeling in the respective individual that he is trapped in this world. This makes the individual feel hopeless at the same time.
    • Increased levels of emotional pain which is intolerable at times
    • Increased scenario of mood swings which involves both of happiness or sadness
    • Either the individual feels very excited or starts feeling very low with certain loopholes in his life
    • Certain unnecessary changes take place in the lifestyle of the patient, which makes it important for the patient and his family members to keep track of these changes in his living.

    Causes of suicidal thoughts and disposition: Here are some of the commonly seen reasons for such suicidal thoughts.

    • Presence of financial problems since long brings in thoughts of suicide in the concerned individual. This mainly occurs in the patients who do not have strong mental strength which otherwise helps in keeping suicidal thoughts away from them.
    • Consumption of drugs and alcohol also distracts the individual from living a positive life, thereby causing the individual to think about committing suicide.
    • Lack of sleepness increases chances of depression in patients who do not treat their daily sleep as a priority.
    • Impulsive behavior is evident in some individuals who are in the phase of suicidal thoughts.
    • Already existing mental illnesses and disorders also lead to suicidal thoughts.

    How to deal with suicidal disposition?     

    • Counseling with mental health specialist: One must consider going for a counseling session under the guidance of the mental health specialist. This will help the patient to take the complete scenario in a positive way and bring in useful changes.
    • Lifestyle changes: Most of the times, patients are advised to plan and implement lifestyle changes. This includes adding in some sports or creative activities for providing the best possible improvement in the mental state of the individual.
    • Family support: The family members must ensure that the individual receives positive talks and support all the time. This will help in the successful treatment of the respective individual.