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    Massage For Back Pain

    Easy Massages To Get Relived From Back Pain

    Having a Back Pain can really turn your day into a hard one, the gnawing pain will not only allow you to be at ease but also be the reason that you miss your office and other important works. There are many reasons that can induce one to have a Back Pain, like – having a bad posture, bending your neck for a long time in front of the computer, injuries during sports, abrupt movements, bad sleeping positions. Now once you get back pain, you should know how to ease your pain. Instead of having medications, you can go for these simple massages that can lessen your back pain. Let’s have a look at those:

    1. Effleurage –It is a basic kind of massaging technique. In this the patient is made to lie down flat on the stomach, then gradually a second person places her/his hands on their lower back near the hip portion on both the sides of the backbone. Then gently press the muscles in the upward direction and back again and then release them. Do this for a minimum of 5 minutes and remember that instead of putting pressure on the bones, it should be the muscles you will be focusing.
    2. Circular pressure –Now the next massage you can give to anyone having back pain is the circular pressure on their hips. For this make the person lie down on his/her stomach and gently with the heel region of your hand apply pressure in a circular manner around their hips, moving up and down in this manner. Do this for 5 minutes and do not apply pressure in any of the bones.
    3. From Spine to Hip –In this kind of massage, you have to move from the spine muscles to the hip muscles. First, you need to locate the base of the backbone, then by using your fingertips put slight pressure on the outer region of the spine and then gently move to the hip muscles. During this massage, you actually manage to relax the gluteus muscles, which are mainly responsible for back pains.
    4. Sliding massage –While your patient is lying on the stomach, use fingertips to locate the long muscle that usually runs along the backbone. Now apply gentle pressure using your thumbs on that muscle, go up and down for about 5 minutes and then switch to the other side.
    5. Trigger point massage –Once the person suffering from back pain comes for massage, ask him/her exactly where he/she is feeling the pain. Once you have located out the regions apply little pressure on those affected regions. Press the areas gently and move your thumbs in a circular manner. Do these for 5 minutes. While you are doing this, you are actually loosening the muscles and making them relax.

    Thus, these are five simple massages that you can do to the person suffering from back pain or ask someone to do it for you if you need. You are sure to get good results if you do as you are told and if you do them regularly.