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    Treatment Of Back Pain

    Treatment Of Back Pain

    Back pain is a nagging issue in today’s world. It is a stressful problem that has triggered people who belong to different age groups. The back pains can be caused by anything and can be a prominent pain in your lives for quite some time. However, there are many ways of treating back pains, and those are also believed to be resolving nagging pains of back.

    These treatments can be done at home as well as you can seek medical intervention for it.

    Home Remedial Treatments

    a) Hot/Cold Compression- Application of an ice pack or hot water is believed to lower the pain in the back. It relieves those stressed muscles and nerves and opens them in order to release the clogged pain.

    b) Painkillers- Pain relief medicines that can be bought over the counter can also be effective in treating back pains. Painkiller such as ibuprofen is believed to relieve the discomfort in the back.

    c) Rest- Taking a proper amount of rest from a rigorous routine or drenching physical activity is also said to be effective in removing the back pain. It reduces stiffness and prevents the muscles and nerves from weakening and tearing down abruptly.

    Medical Treatments

    If in any case, the home remedial treatments don’t seem to be effective on the area of nagging pain in the back then you should consider seeking medical help for it. Any kind of pain endured for quite some time is not a sign of being courageous. On the other hand, this can worsen the problem of your back pain.

    a) Medication- this kind of medication is not over the counter painkillers but a prescribed dose of drugs that are recommended by the doctor to ease in the back pain and requires to be taken in a minimum amount of dosage as said by the doctor.

    Anti-depressants are also prescribed by some doctors and should be strictly taken in the advised dosage.

    b) Traction treatment- traction is an instrument that consists of pulleys and weights and is used for treating nagging pains of back or spine. The weights and pressure implied by the pulleys stretch the back and relieves the pain.

    c) Botox- Botox is said to releases pain from a particular area by paralyzing the whole area. The application of Botox as a medical treatment to aid back pain is highly contemporary and not practised by everyone.

    Other Complementary Therapies

    a) Chiropractor- A Chiropractor is a therapy specialist that treats sore joints, muscles and bone-related problems. It cracks several joint points in the body and releases the clogged muscles and pain from it.

    b) Acupuncture- A Chinese therapy that consists of inserting fine light needles in the skin only on specific points and the pain area. This therapy stimulates nerves and tissue tension.

    c) Yoga- Yoga is said to be the most effective in terms of strengthening muscles, improving postures, breathing frequency, as well as increasing flexibility in the body. It helps in realising the pain from the back with stretchy yoga asana.