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    The Common Gastrointestinal Problem Among People – Constipation.

    The Common Gastrointestinal Problem Among People – Constipation.

    Constipation is quite a common problem these days in adults. It is a common gastrointestinal problem that creates bowel movements in the abdomen region of the body. These are infrequent and cannot be easily passed. Constipation is quite a common ailment for senior citizens.

    Symptoms of Constipation

    There are also other symptoms of Constipation, such as bloating and nagging pain in the abdomen region. Sometimes, the bowel gas passes through from the abdomen to other parts of the body such as chest or back. It also causes nagging pain in those areas. However, there is no such fixation that it takes place only with adults or senior citizens. These bowel movements occur in babies, youngsters, adults as well as senior citizens.

    Causes of Constipation

    Most common cause: Constipation has many factors that contribute to its occurrence. One of the most common reasons that lead to Constipation is no clear motion. When the faecal matter of the body doesn’t pass through, it gets collected in the form of stools and creates a bowel gas. The bowel gas is responsible for creating bowel movements which is also known as Constipation.

    Other causes- Other than the common cause, there are also other causes such as the movement of stool, irritating bowel syndrome and disorder of pelvic floor. There are also some diseases that trigger Constipation such as Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, hypothyroid, colon cancer, diverticulitis and other inflammatory bowel diseases.

    The above mentioned were the known and common causes of Constipation. Constipation can be treated with suitable medications and the known cause of it. However, it is alarming when Constipation leads to weight loss, anaemia, blood presence in the stool or the history of colon cancer or inflammatory bowel diseases in the family.

    Treatment of Constipation

    The treatment of Constipation is quite simple. Effective digestion of food and secretion of the faecal matter neglects the inception of Constipation. A very limited amount of constipation causes requires immediate medical invigilation and has severe consequences.

    The treatment of Constipation lies in its cause. Sooner the cause intervenes, sooner are the results. In order to evaluate the cause of Constipation, it is divided into two categories-

    Chronic Constipation of unknown cause- In this, the treatment involves the intake of fibre and water. Fibre supplements in the form of dietary or supplements are genuinely considered the effective treatment. Excessive consumption of laxatives is not supported as it is supposed to increases the bowel movements. Regular exercise can also improve in the secretion of faecal matter. The patient is also given some medications such as anta-acids which are prescribed from a doctor.

    Acute cases of Constipation- In a few cases, the basic treatment of Constipation goes out of hand, and surgical treatment is intervened. In these cases, the stool is removed physically to what is known as faecal impaction. Other types of surgical treatment are sacral nerve stimulation. These surgical treatments have said to be very effective in most of the severe cases of Constipation.