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    Massage Therapy

     Massage therapy is the most common form of massage. It involves the use of fingers, the thumb, the elbows and even the feet to put pressure on designated parts of the body. The professional masseur, or the person who does the massage, will add massage oils, lotions or creams to your body to create soothing contact to the skin during the massage session. There are different ways in which someone can experience massage therapy. They can be in a massage chair or even lying on the floor where a mat is provided. A typical massage therapy session is between 40 and 90 minutes. Most people feel calm and relaxed after a treatment. Occasionally, people experience mild temporary aching for a day.

    Benefits of massage therapy

    Massage therapy benefits people of all ages. It can be used in the treatment of both acute and chronic stages of conditions. Following are some benefits:

    • Relieve stress by releasing tension
    • Relieves tired and aching muscles
    • Increases flexibility and range of motion
    • Strengthens the immune system
    • Improves concentration
    • Enhances skin tone

    Types of massage therapies 

    There are many kinds of massage therapy. Some popular therapies are listed below:

    Swedish massage Therapy – This massage is primarily meant for relaxation. It is most popular and common type of massage.

    Hot Stone Massage – It is good for relieving muscle tension. It helps to loosen and warm tight muscles

    Thai Massage – Compressions and stretches are used in the performance of this massage. It improves the range of motion and flexibility.

    Aromatherapy Massage – One or more plant oils or essential oils that have a pleasant aroma are added to the massage. It is most suited to relieving emotion related stresses.

    Deep Tissue Massage – It is used for recovery from injury, postural problems, repetitive strain, painful or tight muscles.

    Pregnancy Massage – reduces anxiety, stress and depression, relieves pains and aches and decreases swelling.

    Sports Massage – It increases flexibility and loosens muscles. It is effective in preventing and treating injury and enhancing athletic performance.

    Shiatsu – It uses finger pressure in a rhythmic sequence on what are known as acupressure points that are on the body.

    Reflexology – This massage is done on certain specific points on the foot. It is good for people who spend most of their time standing

    Back Massage – This massage is done on the muscles of the back and the neck to relieve aches and pains of the back and the neck.