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    Harmony is a dynamic state of being of a person which has different aspects of physical mental emotional social and spiritual. These aspects have unique meaning in an individual. In an individual these aspects are organized in a systematic manner and have a system of governance which creates an order and harmony. In diseased state there is disorder in the governance of the system and thus obstruction in free flow of life force resulting in failure of body systems to function properly.  This disorder is expressed in the form of signs & symptoms, disordered body functions, disorganized body structure and deformities. This disorder complex is known as disease.

    Harmony of a person is characterized by two types of interactions which are constantly going on.

    • The intraperson dynamic interaction of different aspects of health in an individual.
    • The two way dynamic interaction of the individual with the environment at different aspects of health.

    For a person to be healthy it is necessary to have two things

    • Harmonious development of different aspects of health in an individual with respect to age.
    • Harmonious interaction of different aspects of health within the individual and with the environment.

    The dynamic organization of different aspects of health among themselves and in relation to the environment (which includes time and space) constitute the ‘state of being’, the uniqueness of the individual which a person identifies as I or self. The material being and the spiritual beings of a person are not unrelated entities.  Although the different aspects of health can be studied separately but in fact they have to be seen in relation to each other and the environment.

    This state of being or  ‘I’ is an ever progressive state which starts its journey at conception. Or if we can say even before conception? As we know the conception in itself is a dynamic process which creates a very unique identity by combination of genes from progenitors. To be considered here is the fact that these genes are carried generation after generation and these are in constant and dynamic interaction with the environment. So the genes a person gets are already in interaction with the environment even before conception.

    The conception can be said to be a landmark at which a person starts its unique identity and there begins its journey of life. Based on the foundation of genes a person starts its unique perception of self and environment along with the dynamic interaction between the two. This leads to unique differentiation of self i.e. the State of Being. These processes of perception, reaction and differentiation constantly occur at all aspects namely physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual and lead to evolution of the consciousness of the person.

    A person is said to be in harmony if he or she has realized the true and absolute state of being. This starts at Self Realization i.e. understanding of true self and goes on till Self Actualization which is the absolute state of being. This state is characterized by total Order where all aspects of a person within and in relation to the environment are fully developed and are in absolute harmony and balance. This leads to free flow of nature’s energy and life force resulting in natural positive holistic health.

    What is our role in creation of health and sickness? If we see closely it is a matter of choice. At every moment in life we face a situation where we make a choice. This choice could be constructive or destructive, positive or negative, for harmony and balance or against harmony and balance,  towards order and health or away from order and health. This choice is in both perception and reaction. And the resultant choice has its mark on differentiation, on state of being. We can not change what we got in our genes but one should not blame all on genes. Genes gives you a wide range to live with. By making choices we allow different aspects of genes to unfold. If we make wrong choices there is flare-up of genetic predisposition. Choice is like a seed which creates our destiny.

    The role we play is more important than genes and environment. It is required to have a balance between pleasure and pain. Excess of one will surely result in other.

    To regain health it is important to progress towards harmony and balance. For this on the basis of understanding of health, we have to do two things –

    • Develop wisdom and attitude of health by making right, constructive, positive choices.
    • Take comprehensive, holistic, dynamic treatment
    • The Therapy protocol followed in this approach is called HIS Treatment
      Where H stands for Holistic harmonious natural therapies
                                       I stand for Integrated synergistic eclectic schedule
                                       S stands for Scientific systematic rational approach