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    Why marriages fail

    Why marriages fail – ETHOS HEALTH CARE

    There are numerous things that cause problems in a marriage and numerous reasons that a marriage can fail. Couples are heading towards divorce when they see problems in a marriage. Marriages around us fail for multitudes of reasons. Some of them are:

    • Bad communication – Many marriages will fail because of the breakdown in communication. It’s common to find couples spending more time on their smart phones/laptops than communicating with their partners.
    • Financial problems – For couples, financial issues such as who will pay for the bills and debts, as well as the spending habits of one another could really jeopardize their married life.
    • Lack Of Intimacy – Your lack of intimacy and sexual desire in one another may lead to cheating and become one of the risk factors why marriages fail.
    • Arguments – Arguments are one top reason why marriages fail. It all begins when one party do not know how to fight fairly. Disagreements occur when both react negatively.
    • Jealousy – Once married, many people expect their mate to give up friendships, particularly ones with the opposite sex.
    • Trust – Constant lying and infidelities can let your spouse lose trust and faith in you. It will eventually lead to many problems when there is no trust and this is one of the reasons why marriages fail.
    • No Respect – Respecting each other is one way to make a marriage strong and happy. Criticizing and not showing respects can kill a marriage slowly.
    • Lack of romance – Plain and boring marriages can lead to no sex life. When the sex has gone out of the marriage, warning signs of divorce is also on the way too.
    • Unwilling to compromise – Disagreements do happen and if couples are unwilling to compromise during arguments, the marriage will eventually fall apart. It is important to know how to meet in the middle and compromise.