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Relationship Issues – Loneliness

Relationship Issues – Loneliness – ETHOS HEALTH CARE

The worst feeling is being with someone in a romantic partnership and feeling alone. Being with someone and feeling alone is a terrible feeling.  Loneliness in marriages often happens slowly, as the disconnection we feel from our spouse gradually increases over years. It is the feeling we get in our heart and soul when we want to be connected with someone, and someone is not available to connect with

There are many reasons people experience this kind of loneliness. You might feel unable to like yourself or to be liked by others, or you may lack self-confidence. This may come from having been unloved as a child so that, as an adult, you continue to feel unlovable in all relationships. Or sometimes, consciously or unconsciously, people isolate themselves within their relationships because they are afraid of being hurt.

Loneliness can have a significant impact on your mental health. It can contribute to mental health problems, such as anxiety and depression.

What Creates Loneliness in a Relationship?

  • You may feel lonely with your partner when your partner is closed and angry, or withdrawn and uncommunicative.
  • You may feel lonely when you are trying to have control over your partner’s feelings by giving yourself up.
  • You may feel lonely with your partner when one or both of you are closed to learning when a conflict arises.
  • You will feel lonely if you or your partner stays up in your mind rather than being together with open hearts.
  • You may feel lonely if your partner judges you regarding your thoughts, feelings, looks or actions. Judgment creates disconnection, and disconnection can be very lonely.
  • You may feel lonely when you or your partner can’t connect due to being overly tired, frazzled and overwhelmed, or ill.

How to overcome Loneliness in relationships

  • Ask yourself if you really want this relationship. Sometimes we become lonely when we long for someone or something else.
  • Talk to your partner about how you feel, it will help bridge the distance you feel.
  • Make time for your relationships