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Types of Acupressure

Types of Acupressure – ETHOS HEALTH CARE.

Acupressure is an art and science of touching and pressing certain areas of the body to give relief from different ailments. There are several different methods of acupressure that vary in practice and theory.


Shiatsu means ‘finger pressure. It is the most popular form of acupressure. In this type of acupressure therapy, pressure is applied along the middle line of the body. Shiatsu is particularly effective for headache, respiratory ailments, back pain, digestive problems, premenstrual syndrome and immune system abnormalities.

Jin Shin

Jin Shin acupressure therapies are of two kinds, first being the ancient concept and the other is a modern version. The first one is Jin Shin Jyutsu. In this type, light touch is given by the palm to let the life force energy flow. The second one is Jin Shin Do. It is a new type of acupressure that includes Chinese, Japanese and Taoist methods. It uses firm but gentle pressure and incorporates breathing and visualization at the time of session.


Tui Na, which dates back to 1700 B.C., most closely resembles western massage techniques. Tui Na uses a lighter and more direct approach which addresses certain areas rather than the body as a whole. Using his hands, the practitioner will access the client’s body to determine if there is a lack or overabundance of energy. It can help redistribute the energy and restore the balance.

Su Jok

Sujok is one of the easiest acupressure therapies. It is originated in South Korea. Su Jok means ‘hand foot’, wherein acupoints corresponding to every organ on hands and feet are identified. These acupoints can be stimulated using several mediums such as fingertips, elastic rings and seeds.

Believed to have been originated in India and China, Atmena brings entire body into the practice. Main pressure is given on the pressure points that are located on the feet. The basic theory behind this is that all the corresponding points of the internal organs or body parts are located on the feet.