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    What is relationship counseling

    What is relationship counseling

    Relationship counseling is the process of counseling the parties of a relationship in an effort to recognize and to better manage or reconcile troublesome differences and repeating patterns of distress. The relationship involved may be between members of a family or a couple, employees or employers in a workplace, or between a professional and a client.

    It is a great way for couples to learn to communicate when they are in discord or on the edge of breaking up, or getting a divorce. Since people affected by relationship problems are likely to be under heavy emotional stress, they are not likely to think rationally. Under the influence of emotions, they may do things that will only exacerbate the problem. Here is where counseling can help. He or she just helps you to see things which you may not be able to see when your vision is blurred by emotional effects.

    It can help improve the way we relate to the people around us and break free of old patterns to realize our potential. It is usually an integral part of personal or individual work. It can offer the chance to examine our patterns of interacting with those around us to allow us to lead healthier and happier lives. We can improve our relationships with work colleagues, friends or an intimate partner when we make conscious choices and learn new skills.

    Common relationship concerns include financial difficulties, barriers to communication, routine conflict, emotional distance, sexual intimacy issues, and lack of trust. Relationship issues can contribute to mental health conditions, like depression or anxiety, for one or both partners. Relationship problems can also affect one’s self-esteem and physical health or lead to feelings of guilt, shame, or anger.  Relationship problems can also adversely affect family members, such as children, who may repeatedly witness relationship conflict between their parents.

    Relationship counseling is about learning how to communicate better and learn how to balance each other in order to become happier and more loving individuals. Each session usually lasts 45 minutes to an hour, and your counselor will ask you questions so that you can talk about what’s going on and how you feel. They may offer you advice or ideas to try at home.

    Several therapy approaches have been designed for couples in particular, such as Imago Relationship Therapy, but any type of therapy can help with relationship issues. In fact, many people address their relationship problems through individual therapy, and then they apply that learning in context with their partners. In addition, family therapy can benefit families whose children are affected by the tension in their parents’ relationship.