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    Why Ethos Homeopathy Clinic

    Why Ethos Homeopathy Clinic – ETHOS HEALTH CARE

    We practice homeopathy as it should be, the correct homeopathy and get good results.

    No treatment is magic and same is true for homeopathy. There are good and not so good results with every doctor. We too have similar response. But we are totally focused and committed to correct homeopathic treatment. If the results of any doctor were so great, the way they are presented then by now world would have been free from all diseases. But unfortunately that is not true. Homeopathy is a great healing science but only when it is practiced correctly.

    So why should you join Ethos Homeopathy Clinic :

    1. Focused on correct treatment methodology with professionalism and commitment treating patients as human beings not as mere cases.
    2. Double Target Strategy – (1) Treatment of sickness and (2) Improvement of Health with better Body Functions Immunity Vigor and Vitality.
    3. It gives you Real Treatment with Real homeopathy. We are committed to follow correct homeopathy based on its principles. Best results are obtained by Classical Constitutional Homeopathy.
    4. No Gimmicks. No False claims.  No claim of being extraordinarily successful.
    5. No hidden team of doctors. All patients are personally supervised by Dr S K Sharma.
    6. No packages. We do not bind you even for a month extra. If at all you feel that sufficient relief is not there, you may change your doctor. In fact in cases where sufficient relief is not there we suggest patients to stop treatment and seek second opinion. For us patient’s welfare is most important.
    7. Complete Privacy. Your information is absolutely private only with your doctor. No one has access to it.
    8. Complete Support 24 x 7 x 365.
    9. Complete Connect online / phone / email / sms / skype.
    10. Complete Online Presence

    Websites / Video Conference / Blogs / Facebook / Twitter / Yahoo / Google /  Linkedin / MSN / DigIt / Skype / YouTube / Whatsapp / Viber.

    1. International Quality Standards Medicines
    2. Personal care and attention.
    3. Complete Management of sickness including acute and chronic states, diet, exercise lifestyle, psychological support, do’s and don’ts etc. You may even learn abc of homeopathy free of cost.
    4. Computerized Homeopathic Care.
    5. Instructions in detail for best response.
    6. Coordination with modern / conventional medicine.
    7. Patient Cases are maintained for ever. You can revert back any time.
    8. Comfortable as you can avail Online / Distance treatment and receive medicines at home.
    9. Saves time and money.
    10. Complete Family Care including infants, children, adults & senior citizens.

    Serving Humanity Worldwide