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    Hypno Rebirthing

    Hypno Rebirthing

    Be Born Again

    How many of us often think and want to be born again and undo and redo many things of life. Many of these became part of our personality during early years of our life and even later. They shape our personality and life in a negative manner. They do not allow us to live a complete life and develop a wholesome positive personality. The result is we are deprived of happiness, good relationships, success and even good health for no fault of ours. True, we can not undo events of life. But we can definitely undo and redo our experience, thoughts and emotions associated with our life events. We can get rid of negative experiences, thoughts, feelings, habits and personality patters developed since our birth. This is possible through Hypno Rebirthing.

    Hypno Rebirthing is the technique which incorporates mind body and psyche, their organization and reorganization to create healthy mind body system. This involves our thinking, our memories, emotions, behavior patterns, habits, personality traits, our experience and skill related to the world we live in.

    Benefits of Hypno Rebirthing

    • Get rid of negative experiences and negative memories
    • Get rid of emotional pain, stress, anger, anxiety, sadness
    • Get rid of unhealthy habits and negative habitual behavior
    • Get rid of low confidence and low self esteem
    • Recreate positive and successful personality
    • Develop confidence and positive self esteem
    • Reshape relationships into positive ones
    • Develop successful personality traits and earn social reputation
    • Be more happy and successful in life


    Components of Hypno Rebirthing

    • Release – Letting go of unwanted accumulated negative experiences
    • Restructure – Recreating positive and desired personality

    Techniques of Hypno Rebirthing

    Some of the techniques of Hypno Rebirthing are:

    • Imagery – Development of better insight and deep exploration of self
    • Therapeutic Dialogue – Analysis and recreation of effective internal dialogue to develop healthy self
    • Perception – Restructuring internal and external perception
    • Somatic Identity – Exploring the bodily perception and developing positive identity
    • Emotional Identity – Exploring relations and emotions and recreating positive emotional identity
    • Reality – Analysis of subjective reality and restructuring it into positive one
    • Kinesiology – Using kinesiology to restructure body movements and body language