Back pain is very common today due to our lifestyle habits. We do not exercise often and have sedentary habits. Latest research says that stress too play a big role in back pain. Many cases of back pain are also associated with sciatica pain. Back pain is troublesome. It can affect your mood, ability to work, rest and even relationship. Most back pain and sciatica pain do not respond to conventional treatment. The best treatment of back pain is holistic management where it is treated as well as with the help of muscle strengthening there is prevention of back pain in future. If you are look  

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Violence in Marriage Marriage is beautiful. But for many it is traumatic. Partner can be aggressive and violent. This violence can be due to persons own personality disorder like anger or it could be due to circumstances where one partner try to control others. This violence can be physical, sexual, emotional, financial, social. It can take form of humor sarcasm breaking things beating, pushing off, forced sex, emotional torture and so on. Victim often do not realize they are being abused. They tend to take blame for affecting other person. This leaves a scar on victims personality. It can re  

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A Happy Life


Our life is a rare gift of nature. It is a divine blessing. Accept the life as it is. Life is precious as it gives you opportunity to live and grow as a human being. So live every moment of your life fully.

Life is beautiful and it remains beautiful if you understand it and learn to manage it. It gives you choice of letting things happen or turning the circumstances favorable by sensible discretion. Organize your life with discipline and healthy lifestyle. This little investment will fill your life with happiness.

Learn to live stress free. Every one’s life has moments of happiness and sadness, good health and sickness. Take the ups and downs of life in positive spirit. Be alert to identify risk and take sensible steps to minimize them. Fear of bad will only make your life miserable and will hinder your enjoyment of good time. If something happens, face it and again take sensible steps to minimize damage and early recovery. If you want to enjoy game of life, do not be scared of losing, just play with true spirit.

Learn to live in present. Sometimes we waste precious moments of life brooding about past or worrying about future. The value of past is to learn from it and grow. Future is nothing but outcome of our present thinking and living. Present is life. Live the moments of present to best of your ability and enjoy them. Poorly lived present will soon become bad past.

Whatever happens in life is not by accident but by combination of some factors. Some of these are under our control and some are not. Do not create stress for yourself by worrying about uncontrollable factors but manage circumstances by bringing about positive change in controllable factors. For example growing age is not under our control but being prepared for comfortable old age by healthy living, sensible planning and adjustment to changing circumstances can make your life smooth and pleasant.

Good health is very helpful for a meaningful and happy life. But good health does not come automatically. It requires understanding of causes of sickness. Neither getting too much worried about sickness nor being casual about health is good. One can live healthy life by minimizing sickness causing factors and improving health promoting factors. Make yoga and meditation part of your life. Organized life & good lifestyle goes a long way in giving you good health.

In every person’s life two aspects play very crucial role. One is family & social relations and other is vocation / profession. One can create a happy life by nurturing them in one’s life. Both require good management to help them grow as a strong support system in life. Human relations require good communication and mutual acceptance. One should be sensitive to read the chemistry of relationship and take appropriate measures to avoid any strain in them. Vocation / profession too require careful selection and planning to be a strong support. Your profession can help you financially, socially and can also give you psychological satisfaction.

And what to do in difficult and ‘not so happy’ circumstances? First of all, prevention is better than cure. So try to manage life to minimize such state. But if it still occurs, you can still find a way out. In stressful / anxious moments, do not try to avoid it and do not imagine dangerous outcome. This will only increase your anxiety and hinder your ability to find a solution. Think about the possible solutions. Take professional help. Be solution oriented in place of being problem oriented. Do not give up or get disheartened. Have faith and pray. Work on solution with strong belief. As a long term measure, give your life a meaning, a purpose. This will motivate you to keep going even in difficult times.

Life need not be a bed of roses but it can be a pleasant experience even with ups and downs. It has its certainty with element of uncertainty. By managing life to avoid major difficulties and by enduring difficult times, one can grow as a stronger human being, mature and capable. And that is the completeness of life.

Dr. S. K. Sharma