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    Nail biting

    Hypnotherapy and Nail biting

    Nail biting is an unattractive habit at any age and for both sexes. It might seem like a minor problem, but for people who do it compulsively it is a very real and often destructive habit. It is one of the most annoying habits that one can ever have. It can also be uncomfortable and embarrassing for anyone. The common methods to stop nail biting like creams or nail polishes. But applying this, only a small percentage is able to fully quit nail biting. However there is an alternative method that has shown great success: Hypnotherapy.

    Hypnotherapy can successfully stop compulsive nail biting. It is a great way to begin your process to beautiful nails. Nail biting is, after all, generally a response to the stress in your life. There are two ways by which hypnotherapy can be used to help discourage nail biting:

    With help of a trained therapist

    You can go to certified Hypnotherapists. He or she will address your own personal issue and can get sure that you drop this habit using their own techniques. To treat the habit, the hypnotist works on the subconscious mind of the patient and in effect takes control of the patient’s mind. While still under hypnosis, the subconscious mind answers to the commands of the hypnotist and takes it upon itself to set a particular kind of a response to a particular occurrence of an event.

    With the help of a series of self-help recordings

    Self hypnosis recordings can help with nail biting issues. Audios will help you get rid of nail biting using hypnosis. These are called “Hypnosis Tapes” and in them you won’t hear anything, probably just music or white noise. Using these tapes is very easy. You just use them daily and listen to them with your earphones and that’s it. The magic happens in the subconscious level. There is a wave that is not perceived by the conscious mind, this wave is filled with suggestions that will enter your mind like a knife enters butter. These tapes work very fast, sometimes it takes only a few days to see improvements

    Both these methods involve relaxing the mind so the nail biter can focus on getting off his or her nasty habit. So if you want to finally quit biting your nails then hypnosis may just be the answer you’ve been looking for.