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Spiritual psychotherapy

Spiritual psychotherapy

Spiritual Psychotherapy is a kind of therapy to deal with life issues through the perspective of your spiritual world. it reveals the basic rule that how you relate to yourself is how you relate to others.  Therefore, how others are relating to you and how you feel about it, offers a good reflection of how you really are relating to yourself. It helps you attune to and release bound emotional pain from the body, energy system and causal level of consciousness.

Benefits of Spiritual Psychotherapy

  • Release guilt, shame, humiliation, disappointment, resentment, fear, anxiety, anger, sadness and grief.
  • Resolve inner conflicts; find personal integration and inner peace.
  • Develop Self-Love, forgiveness, compassion and acceptance, as well as inner strength and personal empowerment.
  • Heal relationship, sexuality and intimacy issues and learn to develop healthy relationships.
  • Find deep meaning & spiritual perspective during times of crisis, change & life transition.
  • Create the life and relationships your heart most deeply desires.
  • Live your life as a Sacred and Meaningful Journey

Therapists may inquire about a client’s spiritual beliefs and encourage clients to connect with their spiritual communities. They may also point out areas where spiritual beliefs, practices or relationships seem to be causing, not relieving unnecessary suffering, or seem to contradict a value, goal or belief the client has expressed.