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    Learning ability

    Learning ability – ETHOS HEALTH CARE

    Learning should be a lifelong process for everyone. Whether learning new skills for the job, or studying a topic of personal interest, everyone can benefit from continuing their education. Hypnosis cannot take the place of studying; reading, listening, but it can enhance the individual learning abilities and recall. Hypnosis enables the individual to tap the great resources of the subconscious mind.

    Benefits of hypnotherapy for learning

    • Increase One’s ability to concentrate.
    • Improve the ability to retain, recall, and remember.
    • To control emotions and stress
    • Enhance motivation and enthusiasm for learning.
    • Increase energy and endurance.
    • Increase self-esteem, confidence, and self efficiency.
    • Resolve subconscious blocks or conflicts.
    • To help one remain calm and relaxed while taking examinations.

    Hypnotherapy allows you to be more in control of the body’s natural supply of adrenalin, and helps you in keeping pressure under control. It enables you to stop defeating yourself. Mentally, you can be in control. This can lead to exams being successfully ‘visualized’ in advance, with the terror removed.

    Hypnosis sessions can help you learn faster, more easily, more efficiently and more confidently. The objective is to create within the patient a relaxed state which facilitates optimal learning, memory and later recall for use in future examinations and tests.