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    Children and parenting

    Children and parenting – ETHOS HEALTH CARE

    Being a parent can be one of life’s most joyful and rewarding experiences. Caring for small children is tiring. On bad days, we can feel trapped by the constant responsibility. Caring for older children is less physically draining but more worrisome because they spend much more time outside the home.

    Parents play a very important role in the socializing process of the child. Right from the bed time stories to the behavioral habits parents play a very important role in making a child a responsible citizen. When you have children your enjoy them. You don’t think of them as getting older quite naturally. You enjoy raising your child or children. Sometimes this totally consumes our lives
    Here are few tips which can enhance your parenting skills and fulfill you more as a parent.

    • Never hurt your child’s self esteem
    • Encourage social interaction
    • Consistency with your discipline is essential
    • Give your child your precious time
    • Provide your child healthy diet and hygiene
    • Be expressive about your unconditional love
    • Don’t expect a lot from your child
    • Challenging your child to complete small tasks make him more confident and responsible.

    Parenting is much more than just providing materialistic things for your children. Parenting should involve spending time with your kids, chatting with them daily, teaching them good from bad, correcting them every time they do something wrong, teaching them manners, teaching them to share, loving them, playing with them, teaching them what respect is and installing moral values in them.