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    Hypnotherapy in nutshell

    Hypnotherapy in nutshell – ETHOS HEALTH CARE

    What is hypnotherapy

    Hypnotherapy is type of psychotherapy in which a deep relaxed & focused state of mind is induced by the hypnotherapist. This state is called Trance. The state of trance is used for diagnosis and / or treatment of psychoemotional complaints. It can also be used for better mental health, better control over mind and better mental functioning. It is a powerful technique which can enable one to think, feel and act better. Hypnotherapy is a strong technique as it uses the enormous power of mind.

    How hypnotherapy works

    Human mind has enormous potential most of which remain untapped. Mind is like an iceberg, 90 % of which remain hidden. The 10% visible part is the conscious mind which helps in perceiving environment, short term memory and thinking. The remaining 90 % is the subconscious mind which is responsible for long term memory, learning, emotions, habitual patterns, learned behavior etc. Subconscious mind stores memories and associated emotions. This helps mind in ‘learning’ how to feel and behave in a particular situation. It even influences conscious mind. Our past learning and memory affects our present thinking and behavior.

    Positive mental health, mental calmness, confidence, correct thinking, positive habits, emotions & behavior all this depends on how well this subconscious mind is organized. The better this subconscious mind is organized, better is its growth with age with minimum or no conflicts. But in case of some disorganization due to poor learning or some traumatic incidents, the conflicts because of this results in deficient mental functioning or undesirable behavior. This is where hypnotherapy comes to help. It helps in better reorganization of subconscious minds thereby eliminating conflicts, past traumas and negative learned patterns. It separates unhealthy emotions & behavior from past memory and replace with healthy emotions & behavior. The outcome is positive thinking, healthy emotions and desirable behavior.   

    Is hypnotherapy scientific

    Hypnotherapy has been proved to be scientific. There has been extensive research and its results are seen to be significantly positive. It has been accepted and recommended by world’s most reputed healthcare organizations like American Medical Association, American Psychological Association, National Institute of Health, USA. Research studies have been shown to have positive effect on human mind and body. Some of the positive changes observed are brain imaging changes, physiological changes, immunological changes, EEG changes, Neurotransmitter changes etc.

    Types of hypnotherapy

    The basic working of hypnotherapy is same but over the years many types of hypnotherapy have become popular among psychotherapists around the world. Different types of hypnotherapy are based on different techniques of psychotherapy. Some are more focused on analysis of subconscious mind while others are more focused on its reorganization. Some are:

    • Traditional Hypnotherapy
    • Ericksonian Hypnotherapy
    • Hypnoanalysis
    • Cognitive behavior Hypnotherapy
    • Time regression Hypnotherapy

    Yogic Hypnotherapy

    Yogic Hypnotherapy is a unique type of hypnotherapy sequence developed by Dr S K Sharma. This is a short therapy in which hypnotherapy stimulates the Chakras in body and helps in development at both mental and physical level. It gives benefits of Yoga without going through years of Yogic Sadhna.. It is result oriented therapy in physical diseases, psychological complaints and achieving heightened performance at both physical and psychological levels.

    Couple Hypnosis

    One to One Couple Hypnosis is one of its kind hypnosis sequence developed by Dr S K Sharma to help couples in attaining the state of true love. It helps in creating better understanding, better communication with a stronger bond. It removes conflicts & discords.

    Three Step Self Hypnosis

    Safe, simple and easy to do yet very powerful self hypnosis sequence developed by Dr S K Sharma. You can learn and do it yourself. This is much more effective then self hypnosis cd’s & audio’s since it will directly involve you.

    This can power you to :

    • Achieve better personality
    • Reduce anger and anxiety
    • Get better performance better results and success
    • Learn various skills
    • Remove phobias and bad habits
    • Improve relationships and much more

    Benefits of hypnotherapy

    There are many unique and profound benefits of hypnotherapy like:

    • It treats cause as well as complaints
    • It gives better control over mindand life
    • It helps in better understanding of self and world around
    • It gives deeper insight into present and past
    • It increase control over own thinking, feeling and behavior
    • It helps in living a fearless life
    • It eliminates stress and increase enjoyment of life
    • It increase ability to do things currently found difficult or impossible
    • It increase performance and achievements in life
    • It increase ability to do new things and make changes in life at will
    • It eliminates fear, panic, anxiety and embarrassments
    • It improves relationships and home atmosphere
    • It helps in avoiding transfer of traits to children in family
    • It helps in eliminating negative patterns and creating positive patterns
    • It helps in achieving mental clarity, calmness and peace
    • It improves creativity and higher learning
    • It helps in achieving better self confidence and self esteem
    • It helps in gaining optimistic outlook towards self, circumstances and life
    • It improves mental flexibility and gives broader vision
    • It helps in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing
    • It remove past trauma and negative learning
    • It creates harmony in body, mind and spirit

    Most common uses of hypnotherapy are:

    1. Hypnotherapy for fear, phobia, anxiety or panic attacks.
      • Hypnotherapy for social phobia, anthropophobia
      • Hypnotherapy for aerophobia, fear of flying
      • Hypnotherapy for entomophobia, fear of insects
      • Hypnotherapy for acrophobia, fear of heights
      • Hypnotherapy for necrophobia, fear of death
      • Hypnotherapy for claustrophobia, fear of enclosed spaces
      • Hypnotherapy for glossophobia, fear of public speaking
      • Hypnotherapy for mysophobia, fear of germs or contamination
      • Hypnotherapy for molysmophobia, fear of infection
    2. Hypnotherapy for self esteem and self confidence.
    3. Hypnotherapy for pain and disease management and better immunity.
    4. Hypnotherapy for addiction treatment and deaddiction like alcohol addiction, smoking nicotine addiction, drug addiction etc.
    5. Hypnotherapy for better mood and emotional freedom, recovery from past painful memories, anger or grief.
    6. Hypnotherapy for habit breaking.
    7. Hypnotherapy for better sexual abilities, desire and performance.
    8. Hypnotherapy for eating disorders, obesity treatment, slimming and weight loss.
    9. Hypnotherapy for pain free natural child birth.
    10. Hypnotherapy for better relationships.
    11. Hypnotherapy for better memory, performance & achievements in study, exams or work.
    12. Hypnotherapy for stress management.
    13. Hypnotherapy for better sleep.
    14. Hypnotherapy for speech problems , stammering

    Myths about hypnotherapy

    Some people are not clear about what happens during hypnotherapy sessions. This leads to many myths and unwanted fears about hypnotherapy. Few facts about hypnotherapy sessions are:

    • Will I go to sleep?

    The person under hypnotherapy does not sleep. He or she is fully awake and aware of self and surroundings.

    • Will I be under control of hypnotherapist?

    The person under hypnotherapy is never under control of hypnotherapist. Self control remains throughout the session and after.

    • Will I be made to do things which I do not want?

    Hypnotherapy can not make you do anything against your will.

    • Can I get ‘stuck’ and not come out?

    There is no question of ‘not coming out of hypnotic state’ because one is never in a state which is not normal. Trance is not like sleep or unconsciousness from which one is required to ‘come out’. It is a state of higher mental awareness and concentration which is a normal awakened state.

    • Will I be able to get hypnotized?

    Almost everyone can be hypnotized but no one can be hypnotized against will.

    • Can it harm me?

    Just like any other treatment, if it is done by ‘quacks’ unqualified & badly trained persons, it can cause harm. See precautions and past life regression therapy above. There are many commercial unscientific ‘uses’ for which hypnotherapy is getting exploited. In contrast it is a very safe and powerful therapy if done by well qualified and trained mental health professionals.

    • Will it change my judgment and value system?

    It is a matter of choice what one wishes to change in his or her subconscious   mind. It is not possible to change one’s morals, beliefs, values or identity.