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    Sexual Problems

    Hypnotherapy for sexual problems

    Sexual issues are problems that most people don’t want to talk about. It includes premature and delayed ejaculation, impotence, erectile dysfunction and fear or phobia of sex and failure to reach orgasm or vaginismus. Many people experience sexual difficulties at some point during their life. Sexual difficulties are generally problems that prevent the individual or couple from enjoying sex, and make sex difficult. Physical and mental tension and fatigue often inhibit sexual interest and cause performance capacities. They can develop gradually over time or they may occur suddenly. The causes of sexual difficulties can be physical, psychological, or both. It is important that if sexual difficulties are caused by physical factors, you should consult your doctor.

    For psychological factors, hypnotherapy is one of the safest methods to help you with your sexual problems. Hypnotherapy offers a number of different approaches and techniques that can cure your sexual problems. There are several ways in which a qualified hypnotherapist can help you to conquer this problem. Hypnotherapy is all about relaxation and gaining confidence. It will make you identify the root cause and work towards removing it. It can be used to’re-train’ the brain to allow sex to progress as it should. Sexual problem lies only within your subconscious mind. During your hypnotherapy sessions, you will dig into your subconscious mind and search for an event that might have led to your current issues. This might take some time and a lot of self- questioning. After the actual cause has been known, the healing process can start. it allows you to get rid of a lot of the negative emotions that may be within you. Hypnotherapy can definitely help you overcome the cause which might be anxiety, childhood incident of abuse, negative self image etc.

    By teaching your subconscious to view your current sex life as a healthy and positive, you can go into each sexual experience with a sense of peace and relaxation. Hypnotherapy can help you take charge of the memory and put it into the proper perspective. It releases the trauma of past events and thoughts and feelings about sex. It gives your subconscious mind new understandings. Your subconscious absorbs the new and positive messages. Hypnotherapy can help you release the emotional memory so you can enjoy sex life once again.