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Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy



Curiosity is a definite motive behind the urge to gather knowledge and information. Most people often wander around in the quest of their life objective, work, health concerns and family.


Dolores Cannon has thought of developing a type of hypnotherapy through which the clients can take a journey of consciousness. Through this hypnotherapy, the clients will be able to find all the answers to their queries and heal from inside.


Dolores Cannon came with a new creation in the field of hypnotherapy and named it as Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy (QHHT).


What does it stand for?


Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy is a journey to gain consciousness of life. Clients come in to take this healing session to achieve clarity in their lives.


Yes, when people yearn for having a better conception of why their life prevails like this, they come to take Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy sessions. Also, they come to acquire information on how they can improve their lives and move forward in a promising way.


Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy helps to rehabilitate its clients who come up with a curious mind. They may have questions regarding God, the Universe, or Sources and their association to it. Some may think that they need to do something else. But they do not have clarity.


With a desire to make their life satisfactory, Dolores has developed this technique to incite the person through visualization in the somnambulistic trance state.


What is Subconscious?


Firstly, it is important to mention that the subconscious mind is a powerful store-house of the experience, beliefs, skills of one’s life. It acts as a guiding system with all the life information that is presently not in the conscious mind.


The Subconscious possess the ability to influence the thought process and shape an individual’s behavior.


How does it help in Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy?


Through the Quantum Healing technique, the hypnotherapist communicates with the subconscious level of the client’s mind to work on their problems.


The developer of the Quantum healing hypnotherapy claims that the subconscious is keen on working with only those who have true intention.


Healing Technique


The hypnotherapist gets explanations from the subconscious mind of humans of the occurrence of past or present incidents that cause the problem. The subconscious mind has the potentiality to detect any physical ailments within the body.


After receiving the explanation, the hypnotherapist asks the client’s subconscious mind if healing is possible or not. In this case, the healing is conceivable without the need for surgery, pain or medications.


If you know the root cause of a disease or understand the reason behind the emotions you are experiencing, then healing is almost achievable.


But it is worthy to note that healing is possible to only those people who want to heal themselves. Then only the hypnotherapist can be successful in eliminating the problem from the sub-consciousness.


On the other hand, if you have agreed to experience the problems, then your sub-consciousness would not allow for healing. In short, everything is achievable with an optimistic imagination.


The motive is not to persuade or convince anyone to believe and disbelief anything that he or she is willing to regard. It is a simple technique to give you a platform so that you can understand the working process.