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    Career counseling

    Career counseling

    Career counseling is a process that allows you to explore, discover and connect with your inner self with respect to your job and career in one-on-one meetings with a Counselor. The goal of Career Counseling is to give you the opportunity to begin exploring the elements of a career that make sense or seem to fit for you.

    Career Counseling is an excellent way to address issues such as:

    • Understanding self to select best career
    • Developing career plans
    • Interview anxiety
    • On job anxiety
    • Changing careers
    • Psychological issues related to career
    • Harassment, sexual and emotional
    • How to get maximum success
    • Confidence, inferiority and career
    • Soft skills in career
    • Office politics
    • Getting out of career mess
    • Leadership skills

    Career counseling involves meeting with an appropriate counselor who will ask a variety of questions about your life plans and career intentions. They will also discuss factors that are likely to influence your decisions or that could affect your goals. Answers to the questions will hopefully assist you in realizing your career objectives. A counselor will ensure you are setting realistic targets for yourself and help you choose a career to suit your expectations and not others. If you experience pressure to enter a career that doesn’t appeal to you, you will probably be less motivated in the job role. They will also make sure you have as much information possible about the path you are considering and ensure it suits your personality.

    Career counseling will help in complete career management to maximize your success. It will also help you in overcoming obstacles and various psychological issues that you may encounter during your journey. It is crucial to handle such issues carefully as they can potentially damage and destroy career. You may also use therapy to stimulate subconscious learning and achieve big high in your career.