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Acupressure for asthma

Acupressure for asthma – ETHOS HEALTH CARE

Asthma is a result of a blockage in the lungs or spleen meridian and it can be cured by unblocking the path. Acupressure helps in unblocking the energy path. it is a harmless and natural way of getting relief from the symptoms of asthma. It is a traditional remedy to treat an ailment in a natural way.

Acupressure points for asthma

  • Point 1 – One of the points is located towards the outer part of the chest, close to the shoulders. The width of three fingers together below the collarbone is its exact location. This point can be found on both sides of your chest.

Benefit – relief from difficulties in breathing, chest tension, congestion, coughing and even tension caused by emotional problems.

  • Point 2 – The hollow found below the collarbone located next to the breastbone is an acupressure point for asthma.

Benefit – relief from chest congestion, coughing, breathing problems, anxiety and other asthma symptoms.

  • Point 3 – A very effective acupressure point for asthma is on the back. It is between the upper part of shoulder blades and the upper spine. You can feel for knots on both sides in this area of the upper back.

Benefit – Relieves asthma, coughing, sneezing, and severe muscle spasms in the shoulders and neck.

  • Point 4 – On your palm pad’s centre, there is the base of the thumb. It is one of the points for acupressure. It is one of the more convenient points and you can press it anytime in the course of the day.

Benefit – relieves shallow breathing, swollen throat and coughing.

  • Point 5 – Another convenient acupressure point for asthma on your hand is where your wrist ends and below the base of the thumb. You can press this point throughout the day .

Benefit – relieves lung problems, coughing and other asthma symptoms.