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    Bad habits

    Hypnosis for Bad habits

    Humans are naturally creatures of habit. Everyone has at least one bad habit that they are aware of and would like to get rid of. You may consciously want to change a hurtful habit but feel stuck and unable to change the self-defeating behavior patterns. Habit is controlled by the subconscious part of your mind, and the subconscious is not as easily communicated with as is the conscious mind. Thus, the subconscious may not know that it needs to change the behavior that it controls.

    Hypnosis is a very effective tool for changing bad habits. There are a number of different habits that hypnosis can address  such as nail biting, thumb sucking, skin picking, hair pulling, daytime and nocturnal bruxism, nervous tics, problem eating patterns ,problem drinking, smoking, and procrastination.   Hypnosis is really more of a vehicle or tool that can be used to help people arrive at a better state of mind or at healthier life conditions. Before actual change can occur, the procedure first leads the person into a deep sense of self realization regarding the root cause of persistent bad habits. Moreover, the process also involves realizing that something can and must be done to save or improve oneself.

    During the initial stages of the hypnosis, your subconscious mind is primed to receive and accept suggestions. Depending on your goals these suggestions could help you to quit smoking, lose weight, and stop biting your nails or whatever else you wish to change. The hypnotist makes these suggestions and repeats them until they’re satisfied that they’ve got the message across. The subconscious is a very deep level of your mind which holds yours deepest desires. So by making suggestions to this part of your mind you are changing yourself at the core of your being.
    The great thing about hypnosis is that it allows access to the unconscious part of the mind where the cause of the habit and urge can be located, leading to elimination of the urge and habitual behaviour. Ceasing any habit then becomes so easy.