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    Tinnitus – ETHOS HEALTH CARE

    Many people who have tinnitus describe it as a ringing in one or both ears. In actual, there is absolutely no physical source of these noises. They are just phantom sounds. It is actually the perception of hearing them that bothers the person. Tinnitus can interfere with a person’s sleep, inability to work at office or sleep and inability to do normal daily activities. There are many different causes for tinnitus but it most often results from hearing disorders. The most common causes are exposure to excessive noise, certain drugs, aging and Meniere’s disease, allergies, stuffy noses, fluid buildup in the ears, infection in the ear, increased stress, anxiety, or pressure. But there are plenty of cases where no underlying cause has been discovered.
    Hypnotherapy can help with tinnitus can benefit the patient enormously. It is a very popular method that is being used now worldwide. Since the mind can control the body, hypnotherapy can be retrained to heal a condition. If nothing else, the mind can be trained to stay positive, and a positive attitude often helps in treatment. It works by accessing the ‘unconscious’ part of your mind and helps the mind not to notice the sound so much. It improves and re programs the mind so that the noises are no longer heard by a tinnitus patient.

    Hypnotherapy can actually work very well for tinnitus. The therapist will first put the person to a completely relaxed state. It is the point where the noise of the tinnitus just gets quieter and quieter. Once this is achieved, the therapist chooses from several cures such as regression therapy, ego state therapy and suggestive therapy to treat the patient. It helps you learn to focus your attention away from the noise and towards other sensations which are pleasant and relaxing. It enhances self-consciousness, and this lets the person concentrate better. It can take several sessions. In a couple of sessions people get relief from tinnitus. In some people, the noises go away completely, and in others, the volume goes down considerably. You will also be taught self hypnosis and relaxation techniques to enable you to attain the same state of relaxation whenever you need to. You will be provided with a recording of the hypnosis to reinforce these powerful hypnotic suggestions to use at home. Hypnotherapy also helps to deal with other aspects linked to tinnitus such as stress and depression.