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    Hypnosis and Meditation

    Meditation is certainly similar to hypnosis. it would be hard to say which person was in hypnosis and which one was meditating but they rest on slightly different levels and tend to have separate purposes. Hypnosis and meditation are some of those practices that have been followed by all races and cultures in one form or another in order to achieve some mental peace and harmony.

    Similarities between Hypnosis and Meditation

    • Both are used to attain deep states of relaxation. This state of relaxation can be achieved in several different ways but the most common is to concentrate on your breathing.
    • Both meditation and hypnosis share many almost identical techniques. Progressive Relaxation technique is frequently used in both disciplinesCreative visualizations such as imagining yourself strolling past a quiet lake are also used in both hypnosis and meditation.
    • Both uses one pointed concentration to focus in on a specific topic. This is basically the ability to concentrate on one thing without being bombarded with an array of thoughts.
    • Hypnosis and meditation are both great ways to conquer your fears, gain confidence and work to improve the overall quality of life.

    Differences between Hypnosis and Meditation

    • The primary goal of self hypnosis is most often to provide positive suggestions for change to the subconscious, while the primary goal for meditation is usually to achieve a relaxed, thought-free state in alpha or theta, with the goal of training the mind.
    • Self hypnosis is generally achieved in a more structured way, by following a count-in or a prescribed method of tiring the conscious mind by counting objects, etc. Meditation is generally less structured, achieved by either closing one’s eyes and repeatedly bringing the focus back to the breathing or focusing on a point such as a flame, while gently releasing thought.
    • Hynosis benefits specific issues and bringing about behavioural change, such as to stop smoking while meditation might not be the best way to resolve emotional conflicts or stop unwanted behaviours.

    Hypnosis and meditation are both great tools for self improvement. So if you’re looking for a cheap way to improve yourself and your state of mind then look no further because meditation and hypnosis provide a cheap and effective solution.