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    Internet Addiction

    Hypnotherapy for Internet Addiction

    Internet Addiction is one of the most ingrained addictions in the modern world. It is a serious condition that has a negative long-term impact on your life. It can lead to depression, given the social isolation and disappointment. There are many subtypes of internet addiction including gaming, gambling, shopping and pornography use, all of which are characterized by inappropriate and excessive use of online activities which if undertaken person would be considered negative.

    There are various addiction services and programs which are designed to offer help to those wishing to overcome an addiction, one of which is hypnotherapy. It can be an effective internet addiction treatment, because it is a powerful psychological tool to change behavior and can either be used alone or in conjunction with traditional medical care as part of a treatment plan.
    Hypnotherapy process will begin with the practitioner taking the patient into a deep state of relaxation, during which their unconscious mind can be accessed. It controls impulses by appealing to your emotions through your subconscious. It will allow you to tap into the power of your subconscious mind where you will be able to modify your behavior and create new beliefs for yourself. These beliefs will help you overcome your addiction to the Internet. You will realize that you are capable of making productive, beneficial decisions for yourself. When you commit to doing something you will be able to follow through and not be distracted.

    How can Hypnotherapy help

    • It helps in building confidence and self-esteem
    • It helps in developing an awareness of how your addictive patterns function on the mental, physical and emotional levels.
    • It helps in reducing the compulsive thoughts and feelings that drive your compulsive internet use.
    • It helps in setting healthy boundaries around the content you view, and the amount of time you spend online.
    • It helps in creating short and long term goals and action plans for living your life once active addiction has ended.