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    Stammering and Stuttering

    Stammering and Stuttering – ETHOS HEALTH CARE

    Stuttering or stammering is a problem with the normal flow of speech affecting many individuals all over the world. Stuttering and stammering are often used interchangeably. However, these are two different conditions that require individual attention. A stutter involves rapid repetition of a single letter. Stammering involves the rapid repetition of an entire word. Stammering and stuttering can create feelings of helplessness, frustration, embarrassment and feelings of disempowerment.

    No-one knows exactly what causes stuttering. Some people started stuttering the moment they learned to talk. Some didn’t start until young adulthood. Some stammerers spontaneously start speaking normally at age 13. Some normal speakers spontaneously start stammering at age 25. You can have a stammer and a stutter at once. Hypnotherapy or Self-hypnosis can help you overcome the dual problem by helping you relax. The physical symptoms of stammering and stuttering are caused by an action of your mind on your body. Hypnotherapy is a popular technique for stopping stammering and stuttering. The hypnotherapy treatment of stammering involves the following three steps.

    • Though past happenings have no direct relations to stammering, certain unexpected incidents or happenings may cause stuttering or stammering. So the first step for hypnotherapist is to find out any past incident that is responsible for stuttering or stammering. In that case, the sub-conscious mind is taught how to respond to the actions and feelings.
    • The second step is to restore the mind to build up the lost confidence. The treatment helps to bring back confidence to speak properly because some people might have lost their mental power and confidence. They are not able to speak or face other people because of the shame or fear of stammering. In other cases a loss of confidence because of some other important personal reasons might have contributed to the origin of stammering.
    • In the third step, the hypnotherapist teaches the sub conscious mind, how to respond to the initiatives for speech. This is done by giving suggestions to the mind when the stammerer makes mistakes in his speech.

    The success of hypnotherapy depends on the ability of the person to concentrate his mind according to the instructions. Hypnotherapy and hypnosis can help where speech therapy and anti-stuttering medications will let you down time and time again. It is often the most effective method available.