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    Hypnotherapy for success

    A study using hypnosis to see how it affects Goal Accomplishment was done. Having a vision of future is similar to setting a goal for self and surroundings. We all have vision but most of us do not know that vision (goal) can be created and pursued with success. This is not day dreaming or wishful thinking but a planned task using mind mechanism. For example Mahatma Gandhi had a vision of free India, he created a life around that vision, inspired millions and was instrumental in realizing it. Another example can be given of a sportsperson who visions an Olympic gold medal, sets his or her mind on to it and rest follows. One can say here that most of us have vision but also true is most of us lack perseverance and endurance. So how can that be achieved. Here hypnosis can play a crucial role. It creates vision and sets mind on to it. The particular goal becomes a future ‘reality’ and the mind starts working towards it. It automatically sends signals to mental and physical ‘departments’ to do the needful.

    In the study conducted 12 students were selected with similar background and past records. Out of these 4 were kept as control group, 4 were put under counseling & study skills training and 4 were subjected to hypnosis. Groups were observed monthly for three months. Groups were compared with own past performance and relative performance including attention span, problem solving & memory. Group under counseling & study skill training showed some improvement whereas group under hypnosis showed significant improvement in both self and relative performance.

    So how can hypnosis be used to enhance mental performance. There are many ways. It can be used to improve :

    • Concentration
    • Memory
    • Creativity
    • Goal accomplishment


    Better performance has many requisites. There is no magic for higher performance but hypnosis or hypnotherapy can play a useful role in enhancing one’s performance.