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Reiki & Pranic Healing

Both Reiki and Pranic healing are energy’ healing techniques. Pranic healing has its origins in Hindu and is thought to be older forms of energy healing than Reiki. Reiki’s healing is drawn from a universal energy, thought to emanate from a higher intelligence. Its healing power can be used to treat illnesses whether mental, emotional, or physical.

How does Reiki works

In a Reiki treatment, a Reiki Practitioner uses his hands to send and transmit the Universal life force to those people, places, and things in need of Energy Balancing and Alignment. This allows those people, places, and things to either regain or maintain a healthy state. The Reiki practitioner does this by placing their hands either directly on or above the person receiving the healing session. Reiki stimulates the receiver’s own healing energy. The receiver’s body uses the Universal life force to accomplish self-healing.

How does Pranic healing works

During a pranic healing session, negative energy is moved away and positive energy is moved into the body. The practitioner does not need to touch the individual, but uses their hands to move the energy around the aura. During a healing session, the individual lies down or sits comfortably in a chair. The patient is asked to relax and keep her mind open. The practitioner stands over her, and uses hand movements to sense imbalances and manipulate the energy throughout the aura. Several sessions might be required to bring about complete healing.

Benefits of Reiki and Pranic healing

Both reiki and Pranic healing are holistic forms of therapy that uses energy techniques to re-energize and heal the body. Both are excellent forms of healing hands. Both are unique although the healing benefits and outcomes are similar in many ways.

  • Both modalities acknowledge that the body can heal themselves, and are an open channel for self healing.
  • Both heal the Aura or sometimes called the energy body which results in increased physical health.
  • They help to relax the mind and body thus relieving stress and improve sleep.
  • They also assist people with depression.
  • They also improve circulation, digestion and the elimination of toxins from the body.
  • They treating and prevent diseases by allowing the flow of energy to all areas that have experienced blockages, bringing balance, harmony and strength to one’s overall being.