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    Marriage Counseling in nutshell

    Marriage Counseling in nutshell – ETHOS HEALTH CARE

    Marriage, Pre Marital and Family Counseling Centre,

    New Delhi, India

    Ethos Super Specialty Relationship Counseling

     (Marriage,  Pre Marital  and Family Counseling)

    With thousands of satisfied couples who learned the art of intimacy and happy relationship, Ethos offers super specialized pre marital, marriage and family counseling. Intimate relationship like marriage can offer either pleasure (of companionship & love) or pain (of anger, discords, disappointments & heart break). Such intimate relationship can be biggest asset & source of strength but unfortunately most of the times these are not perfect. With modernization of society, changing roles & values, rise of working couples, time pressure and other factors, the prevalence of discords in such relationships is rising. And the reason is not hidden, it is all in our mind and in the skill of intimacy that we learn. Our specialized relationship therapy has helped :

    • Married Couples
    • Those about to get married (Premarital)

    Marriage / Marital Counseling

    It is not unusual to have difference of opinion and discords in marriage. But it is unusual to continue with these discords and let them destroy marriage. Every human being enter marriage with own expectations, ideas, values, way of living etc. Intimacy can lead to conflicts and fortunately it can be easily resolved. Marriage counseling can enhance compatibility & help in resolving issues like :

    • Frequent anger & fights
    • Domestic violence
    • Impending divorce
    • Infidelity and extramarital relations
    • Substance abuse like alcoholism
    • Discord with in-laws & extended families
    • Sexual problems, addiction & dissatisfaction
    • Communication problem & personal space
    • Problems with roles & dependency
    • Financial problems
    • Infertility and parenting problems
    • Lack of ‘spark’ and feeling of staleness
    • Lack of time or mismanagement of time
    • Health Problems
    • Feeling of loneliness & emptiness
    • Discords over values & cultural issues
    • ‘Empty Nest’ when children grow up & move out

    Couple Hypnosis

    One to One Couple Hypnosis is one of its kind hypnosis sequence developed by Dr S K Sharma to help couples in attaining the state of true love. It helps in creating better understanding, better communication with a stronger bond. It removes conflicts & discords.

    Love therapy ©

    For those in love (or want to be in). It will help you to understand the chemistry of intimate relationship. It will also tell you how to generate and keep the spark in the most crucial relationship of your life. Love never dies, never gets stale. It only goes out of focus.

    Symbiosis Dynamic Relational Therapy ©

    A unique therapy which will enable you to understand how to develop healthy relations be it within family, with friends & relatives, work place & professional relations and other social relations. A must for Mother in Law’s & Daughter in Law’s.  It tells how to :

    – Keep relationship positive & dynamic.

    – Avoid conflicts & negativity.

    – Understand complexities of relations.

    – Enhance self integrity & mutual satisfaction.

    Premarital Counseling

    Premarital counseling is the difference between ‘Happy Home’  and  ‘Broken Home’.

    Increasing discords in marriage, rising divorce rates, broken homes and resulting unhappy lives signifies the importance of adequate & professional premarital counseling. Before one enters ‘marriage’ it is crucial to know & learn the skills required to make a happy marriage. It helps by :

    • Developing mental preparedness and right attitude
    • Removing misconceptions & blocks
    • Understanding intricacies of intimate relationship
    • Developing the skill of creating a strong bond
    • Learning how to avoid, identify and manage discords
    • Develop healthy sexuality
    • Develop communication & problem solving skills
    • Creating compatibility

    Both marriage and premarital counseling can be done in single or joint sessions. It can be short (issue based) counseling or long term counseling for positive relationship.

    Contact Us  if you have some query or for appointment.

    How marriage counseling or marital counseling helps:

    • It improves understanding of each others traits and personalities
    • It improves communication
    • It reduces power struggle
    • It helps in organizing priorities
    • It helps in balancing professional, social and personal life
    • It helps in enhanced intimacy
    • It helps in higher emotional satisfaction
    • It helps in better sexual satisfaction

    Higher benefits of marriage counseling or marital counseling

    Marriage counseling or marital counseling can even help those couples who are having a happy married life. It can further help in :

    • enhancing understanding
    • exploring variety
    • achieving new highs in relationship
    • enhancing self and each others personality

    Couple Hypnosis

    One to One Couple Hypnosis is one of its kind hypnosis sequence that I developed to help couples in attaining the state of true love. It helps in :

    • Creating desire for each other
    • Creating better understanding
    • Creating better communication
    • Creating stronger bond
    • Removing conflicts & discords
    • Removing negative emotions
    • Removing painful past memories

    Pre Marriage or Pre Marital Counseling

    Pre Marital Counseling is said to be the Life’s best investment ever as it can make the difference between a happy and disturbed married life.

    • It helps in development of compatibility
    • It helps in working upon unrealistic expectations and fears
    • It helps in understanding each others personality traits thereby reducing chances of misunderstandings and conflicts
    • It helps in working upon post marriage status of other relationships like in-laws, social relationships etc
    • It helps in discovering common and individual interests
    • It helps in working upon child rearing, career and finance options
    • It helps in enhanced development of love and sexuality
    • It helps in working upon mutual value system