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    Panic attacks

    Panic attacks – ETHOS HEALTH CARE

    Panic Attacks are a mental disorder. Different people can go through the same situation and yet experience that situation in totally different ways. The effects of panic attacks are very real, creating all kinds of unpleasant and even scary physical symptoms. The effects of panic attacks continue long after an attack, fearing when the next attack will occur causes persistent worrying and intense anxiety between attacks.

    The key to overcoming panic attacks is to recognize the pattern and learn how to change it. This can be done by using hypnotherapy. It will work both with your conscious mind and unconscious one. Hypnotherapy works by placing you in a trance which is a relaxed state of mind where your brain is more susceptible to the suggestions that are given to it. Therapists will help identify and change the behavior patterns and control the thoughts that trigger the panic attack patterns. Your hypnotherapist will implement various techniques. Regression therapy is one of the most common techniques. He will also take multiple approaches to work with a panic attack sufferer. For example, the person may be taught physical and mental relaxation techniques (important for calming the racing heart and other physical panic attack symptoms), self-hypnosis, visualization, and guided imagery to use when he or she feels a panic attack approaching. The panic attack sufferer may be taught how to reinterpret sensations and feelings so that the early stages of the panic attack do not escalate and become full-blown.
    How Hypnotherapy help Panic Attacks

    • It teaches new ways to relax
    • It breaks habitual behaviours
    • It removes anxiety triggers
    • It Dissociate the sufferer from anxiety causing problems.
    • It is one of the most successful treatment approaches for Panic Attacks.
    • It is a drug free treatment
    • Panic Attacks are generally stopped after the 2-3 sessions.
    • It is a relaxing form of treatment and generally very enjoyable.
    • It has no negative side effects.

    Advantages of hypnosis for Panic Attack sufferers