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    Relationship Issues – Possessiveness

    Relationship Issues – Possessiveness – ETHOS HEALTH CARE

    Relationships are built on trust and a degree of freedom and space is expected by both the partners, and if this trust and freedom is threatened, relationships start going down the drain. Possessiveness has no place in a healthy relationship because extra possessive nature in due course pushes love to backseat. Usually, an over possessive partner has a huge ego, and doesn’t have regard for the feelings and freedom of other person.

    There are many reasons why possessiveness may exist and a causing your marriage to move backwards rather than forward.

    • Lack of trust between partners
    • Insecurity issues within the marriage
    • Lack of self control

    Being a possessive, controlling partner can and will ruin a potentially great relationship. If you would like to save your relationship and improve your connection with your partner, you must understand why you are being possessive and controlling. You must also change the nature of your relationship choices. Counseling can be an excellent way to put things in perspective but if you do not feel comfortable with that then changing your view of relationships is essential. Some of the things are:

    • You have to stop seeing every person as a threat to your relationship.
    • Building your self-esteem is another thing you need to work on.
    • You could try talking things through with your partner calmly without creating a huge issue over it.
    • Give space to your partner
    • Communicate your feelings honestly to your loved one.