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    Acupressure for headache and migraine

    Acupressure for headache and migraine

    One of the most common ailments you can experience is headaches. Migraine headaches affect millions of people and can be so severe they may require a trip to the emergency room for relief.

    Acupressure for migraines has shown to provide relief for some migraine sufferers and is a type of Chinese medicine for migraines. It is an ancient Chinese healing method that uses techniques similar to acupuncture. Based on Chinese medical practices, acupressure focuses on specific energy channels in the body called meridians. These 12 invisible channels are thought to connect the fingertips, brain and then the rest of the body’s organs. Acupressure applies pressure – using devices, fingers, palms or feet – to these points to balance or unblock the channels.

    Acupressure relieves pain, including migraine symptoms by targeting those specific meridians. Acupressure improves circulation, relieves stress, reduces tension and possibly releases the body’s natural pain killers called endorphins.

    Acupressure points for migraine headaches

    • Acupoint 01 lies in the crease between the thumb and forefinger when those fingers are pressed together
    • Acupoint 07 an indented point on the wrist that lies in line with the thumb
    • Acupoint 12 is found in the largest crease inside the wrist in line with the thumb
    • Acupoint 26 pressure is applied by pinching the nostril
    • Another point that is believed to relieve headaches is called L14 – this pressure point should not be used by pregnant women because it has been known to induce labor