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    Creativity – ETHOS HEALTH CARE

    Creativity aids in all aspects of your life from dealing with children, handling romance, even preparing meals. You need to be able to fully use the side of your brain that controls your creative nature. Emotions, negative thoughts and different circumstances in life can often hinder a person’s natural creativity. Hypnotherapy is often used to relax someone to the point where their unconscious mind finds it easy to access those times and places where creativity just flowed.

    During a creativity hypnotherapy session you will be guided into a trance-like state, and your consulting hypnotist will have full access to your subconscious mind. That’s important because your subconscious mind is where most of your thoughts, feelings, and actions come from. These hypnotherapy sessions gives you the following benefits:

    • Remove any negative emotions or thoughts that inhibit your creative ability
    • Tap into all memories stored in the subconscious to draw inspiration for creative purposes
    • Understand how to ‘live in the moment’ when creating to set your mind free
    • Become more aware of your dreams, and the ideas they contain, and how to remember the ideas later
    • Helps how to promote the flow of information between your subconscious and conscious minds
    • Helps how to flow with the momentum of ideas and inspiration when you set aside time for creative work
    • Create a switch like a remote control to automatically tap into your superconscious mindset when you need to create
    • It helps how to put a creative thought into action to produce a creation

    Hypnosis is easy to do, is relatively inexpensive, and there have been no negative side effects associated with it. It is useful for people who have trouble putting their ideas into action. It also helps people who have mental blockages that prevent them from reaching full creativity.