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    Hypnotherapy and Jealousy

    Jealousy is one of the most human of all emotions that everyone experiences from time to time. it is the culmination of many feelings and insecurities. Jealousy is a result of an overactive imagination, and is further fuelled by insecurity that a person might be afflicted with. It can be a very destructive emotion to health and relationships. You may be jealous of your partner, brother, sister or friend and have no real understanding of why.

    If you are someone who suffers with uncontrollable fits of jealousy then hypnotherapy may be a life saver. The reason hypnotherapy is a valuable tool in helping overcome jealousy lies in the fact that jealousy is basically a habit of negative thinking and unconscious associations. Your jealousy stems from your subconscious blowing small situations into more than they are. Why this happens, and why you feel these destructive feelings and emotions can be discovered through hypnotherapy or hypnosis for jealousy.

    Hypnotherapy for jealousy works faster than you can imagine. Hypnotherapy for jealousy can move you forward from jealousy by building feelings of security and confidence within yourself.  Hypnotherapist will teach your subconscious to not focus on your failings, as we all have them, but instead to focus on all the good things you have to offer, and all your positive aspects. Instead of constantly seeing your shortcomings, you will begin to see yourself as a whole person who has much to offer to your loved ones. It will help you overcome jealousy by helping you discover what event in your past first caused your feelings of insecurity and fear.

    Benefits of Hypnotherapy for Jealousy

    • It increases the feelings of confidence, self esteem and trust
    • It explores previous relationships or memories
    • It replace negative thoughts with positive rational thoughts
    • It addresses the balance of a relationship
    • It promotes open and honest communication
    • It builds feelings of trust and safety
    • It also teaches self hypnosis

    If you would like to overcome jealousy once and for all, hypnotherapy will be the best treatment for you. You can stop being jealous by using hypnotherapy or self hypnosis techniques and begin living a life without continuous fear or worry.