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For thousands of years acupuncture has helped mankind in treatment of various diseases and in living a healthy life. Like any other medical science, acupuncture gives very high importance to correct diagnosis. It has its own system of diagnosis which assesses health & sickness status of entire body. Latest technology has helped acupuncture in making better diagnosis.

Computerized Acupuncture Diagnosis

Doctors and scientists have noted areas of altered electrical conductivity on the skin of patients with various diseases. These areas were found to be points as given in classical Chinese acupuncture meridians. These points are useful in both diagnosis and treatment. Diagnosis is done with a computerized system measuring electrical conductivity of the skin. By measuring the conductivity of each meridian, energetic excesses and deficiencies is located. By measuring a set of points, a composite picture of entire body’s energy system is analyzed. It tells about excess / deficiency, left / right imbalance, upper / lower body imbalance, specific organ system imbalance, imbalance of body’s elements etc.

Treatment then consisted of re-establishing the order and balance of energy system by stimulating specific acupuncture points to either “tonify” a deficient meridian, or “sedate” an excessive meridian.

Advanced computerized acupuncture diagnosis at Ethos Healthcare

At Ethos we give very high importance to correct diagnosis for giving best results. For this we use world’s most advanced computerized acudiagnosis system. It has taken years of research and clinical trials to develop a computerized system which is quick, reliable and efficient. This system has proved a valuable tool in skillful hands to have a detailed and thorough assessment of patient’s health status.