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Real Homeopathy – A word from Dr S K Sharma |


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Real Homeopathy – A word from Dr S K Sharma

Real Homeopathy – A word from Dr S K Sharma – ETHOS HEALTH CARE

 The mission

Many people were surprised when after doing MBBS I decided to do post graduation in homeopathy.  But I was convinced. My decision was based on my own experience during MBBS seeing people suffering from innumerable diseases. It’s not that allopathic treatment (also called modern medicine or conventional treatment) was not helpful. Today modern medicine along with latest surgical procedures is helping people around the world. But I realized that something was missing. Even after years of treatment many patients did not get significant relief and true health was missing. And in a number of cases allopathic doctors were totally clueless. That was very painful to see. This led to quest for exploration of what is health and why disease occurs. I studied various therapies including naturopathy, yoga, ayurveda, homeopathy etc. I found that all these therapies have their unique benefit but I found homeopathy to be the therapy I was looking for.

  • Its philosophy of health and cause of sickness is totally based on Nature’s Law of Health. It gives cause and effect of sickness.
  • Its action can be easily verified in everyday life.
  • Its scope of action is wide and covers acute and chronic sickness of both physical as well as psychological basis.
  • It is a unique therapy which has answer for psychosomatic complaints.
  • It has preventive action and can prevent many diseases.
  • It is affordable by everyone.

As I worked with homeopathy, I was very happy to see the results. Nothing can be a better reward to a doctor than seeing a patient getting better or finding relief from pain & suffering. I continued my journey realizing that the actual scope of homeopathy was even bigger than I anticipated. But while I further studied homeopathy and its results I found that real homeopathy was getting lost to quackery & over commercialization. Wrong notions like homeopathy is slow or too mild are not dispelled. Homeopathy is used by quacks and by ‘Hobby Doctors’ in the neighborhood. But most of the times this kind of homeopathy is not based on homeopathic principles. Wrong medicines, mixture or multiple of medicines are given at random repetitions without any consideration to principles & rules of homeopathy. People sometimes find relief too. But what people do not realize is that this kind of wrong homeopathic medication which is giving apparent relief is in fact suppressing the sickness which will strike back in a more dangerous form and with more intensity. On the other hand homeopathy when used strictly according to its principles is capable of treating major diseases by not suppressing but by promoting immunity and body’s natural healing mechanism. I then took it as a mission of my life to make people aware about real capability of homeopathy and to promote.


Real Treatment

Real treatment is the treatment which satisfies following criteria:

  • Scientific

It should be scientifically correct. Any haphazard action with no scientific basis or no principles can not be called treatment. It should be able to explain cause and effect basis of sickness and its remedy.

  • Effective

Real treatment should be effective in giving relief to the patient in real terms of annihilation of sickness not in only superficially apparent or symptomatic manner. As Dr Hahnemann said – The highest ideal of cure is rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of the health, or removal and annihilation of the disease in its whole extent, in the shortest, most reliable, and most harmless way, on easily comprehensible principles.

  • Not suppressive

Real treatment should not suppress the sickness because sickness so suppressed bounce back in more deadly and aggressive manner. Many prevalent treatments including homeopathic quackery are doing just this. Ignorant patients feels that they got relief from their sickness but do not realize what damage has been done to them by that suppressive treatment. This rebound disease is smartly named by quacks as a new disease.

  • Not based on propaganda

Real treatment should not be based on propaganda.  Real treatment does not require false publicity or false testimonials. Patient should not be deceived about magical methods or magical results.

  • Safe

Real treatment should be safe. Under no condition it should damage health. There should be no damaging side effects.

  • Promotes health

Real treatment must promote health in addition to treating sickness. Post treatment patient must have more vigor & vitality and must have better physiological functions.

  • Preventive

Real treatment must be able to prevent occurrence and progression of sickness.

Real Homeopathy

Real homeopathy given by the founder Dr Samuel Hahnemann is one which satisfies the following criteria:

  • Classical, based on its principles

Real Homeopathy is one which was discovered by Dr Samuel Hahnemann. He laid down certain principles known as philosophy of homeopathy. These principles were based on nature’s law of health. Homeopathy is safe and effective only when these principles are followed. This is called the classical homeopathy. Unfortunately quack, hobby doctors and even some qualified doctors do not adhere to these principles resulting in suppression of sickness and harm to patient’s health.

  • Constitutional

Real homeopathy takes into consideration complete details of factors affecting health especially in chronic cases. This includes major complaints, state of body functions, state of mental health, environmental conditions, habits, life events etc. All this is required to know exact state of disorder and find correct medicine. Missing some information leads to choice of incorrect medicine.

  • Clinical

This is another mistake by some doctors who swear by homeopathy but fail to understand significance of clinical status of sickness. Clinical diagnosis and investigations must be given due consideration in case management. This also helps in monitoring the progression of treatment in correct direction.

  • Individualistic and Specific

Real homeopathy is individualistic and specific. This means unlike allopathy / conventional medicine, there are no generalized medicines X for asthma, Y for arthritis and Z for diabetes. In real homeopathic treatment, for every case at every step a specific medicine is selected.  For example in ten cases of asthma there can be different medicines selected in different potency (commonly called power) with different frequency of repetition (dosage). This is called indicated remedy. According to real homeopathy indicated remedy is Similar Singular and Smallest. This means medicine must be specific for sickness, only one medicine to be used at a time and in least possible amount and dosage. That’s where many doctors who prescribe many medicines at random repetitions err against real homeopathy.

  • Research based

Real homeopathy has grown stronger with research including clinical trials and meta analysis. Its results have been shown to have significant effect. And this is done based on principles of homeopathy. This further proves the value and effectiveness of real homeopathy that is classical homeopathy based on its principles.

Real Homeopathic Doctor must be honest enough to see that his treatment is working for patient or not. If not, it is better to seek second opinion than to keep suppressing sickness by hit & trial. Hippocratic Oath to serve patients with utmost care and respect must remain high and alive in the mind of the doctor. We owe it to humanity, medical profession and Dr Samuel Hahnemann.

Dr S K Sharma