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    Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

    Anxiety can be experienced at different levels. It is the most common mental health problem. The more anxiety and worry you experience the worse it becomes. Anxiety disorders are severe and can disrupt the day-to-day life of an individual. Anxiety has several forms. It can manifest itself as phobias, adjustment disorders, posttraumatic stress disorder or obsessive compulsive disorder. The physical manifestations of anxiety include fatigue, chest pain, headaches and stomach-aches. Also anxiety causes issues with falling asleep and staying asleep as well.

    Hypnosis is one of the most effective pill-free methods for treating anxiety. Treating anxiety with hypnosis can be a great way for sufferers of anxiety to find some relief. Hypnosis can treat the symptoms and reach them at the root where they start. It involves treating the root cause of the problem. As a result, the patient is able to get rid of all the tension, worrying and stress accumulated in his mind.

    Hypnosis allows people to enter into a really deep and concentrated state of relaxation which brings feelings of calm and tranquility. A patient can choose to undergo professional hypnotherapy or try self-hypnosis.

    Professional Hypnotherapy

    Hypnotherapists will use a variety of techniques such as relaxation techniques and visualisation, which is aimed at producing often quite deep levels of relaxation. Visualisation involves asking you to imagine a feared situation or object while you are in a deep state of relaxation. You are then asked to use positive visualisation to manage how you are feeling and to imagine the experience in a positive way. By teaching you relaxation techniques, calm self-confidence and using visualisation exercises whilst under hypnosis you’ll find anxiety and stress related to particular situations is finished – as well as lowering of general anxiety levels and tension in the body.

    Self hypnosis

    • Find a comfortable place
    • Visualize the most relaxing place you can think of
    • Feed yourself information to create the scene
    • Start counting, breathing deeply with each count
    • Stay relaxed for a little while
    • When you want to return, just imagine yourself turning around and walking back

    Through self-hypnosis, forget all about the tension and stress in life. After you come back to reality, you will have left all your worries and pressures behind.
    The main goal of hypnotherapy is to change these thought patterns because they are the fuel for the anxiety the person experiences. In the place of these negative thoughts, hypnosis can place positive thought patterns.