Back pain is very common today due to our lifestyle habits. We do not exercise often and have sedentary habits. Latest research says that stress too play a big role in back pain. Many cases of back pain are also associated with sciatica pain. Back pain is troublesome. It can affect your mood, ability to work, rest and even relationship. Most back pain and sciatica pain do not respond to conventional treatment. The best treatment of back pain is holistic management where it is treated as well as with the help of muscle strengthening there is prevention of back pain in future. If you are look  

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Violence in Marriage Marriage is beautiful. But for many it is traumatic. Partner can be aggressive and violent. This violence can be due to persons own personality disorder like anger or it could be due to circumstances where one partner try to control others. This violence can be physical, sexual, emotional, financial, social. It can take form of humor sarcasm breaking things beating, pushing off, forced sex, emotional torture and so on. Victim often do not realize they are being abused. They tend to take blame for affecting other person. This leaves a scar on victims personality. It can re  

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Phone or Online Counseling

Phone or Online Counseling – ETHOS HEALTH CARE

 Reasons to use online or phone counseling            What is Phone or Online Counseling

In what conditions it is helpful

Is it different from face to face counseling

Benefits of Phone or Online Counseling

How can I take Phone or Online Counseling

Many people find turning to the Internet for Online or Phone Counseling to be a great way to deal with their problems. Like in traditional counseling, online or phone counseling provides individuals with direct access to experienced professionals. In addition, online or phone counseling is convenient, effective, and affordable and most of all available 24 hours a day, from the privacy of your own home.

Reasons to use online phone or Ecounseling

  • You have a very busy schedule and have difficulty making a face-to-face appointment.
  • You live in an area where there are few or no therapists available to address your particular concern.
  • You have a fear of going out into public and would be more comfortable receiving counseling online.
  • You have privacy concerns and are uncomfortable that someone might see you at a therapist’s office.
  • You want access to a therapeutic medium (such as email counseling) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • You are disabled or physically incapacitated, and making the trip to a therapy office is limiting your ability to get counseling services.
  • You feel you would have a greater degree of privacy and safety by engaging with a therapist from the comfort of your own home or office.
  • You are concerned that talking about your issues face to face could be embarrassing or intimidating

What is Phone or Online Counseling

Phone or Online Counseling is a very personalized type of counseling making good use of modern internet technology. It is same as Face to Face Psychological Counseling with the only difference that it is done using phone, online live chat (messenger) or email.

In what conditions it is helpful

It is helpful in all those conditions for which you look for counseling. Some of them are given here.

Unhappiness / Depression           Feeling stuck in life           Difficulty in Decision making

Poor Time management                Family discords                                  Anxiety

Grief                                                Sibling rivalry                                    Stress

Anger / violence                          Lack of confidence                         Broken home

Marital discord                               Sex addiction                              Homosexuality

Unhappy sexual life                    Victim of sex abuse                  Love disappointment

Unwanted thoughts                     Inferiority Complex                          Loneliness

Alcohol / Tobacco addiction           Drug abuse                              Eating disorders

Difficulty in studies                   Job Stress / Growth                       Poor self esteem

Poor Health                                  Financial crisis                            Kids Upbringing

Behavioral problems like stealing, lack of responsibility, pornography, gambling etc.

Is it different from face to face counseling

It is very similar to Face to Face Counseling. In addition it provides extra privacy and convenience. See benefits of Phone or Online Counseling.

What are the benefits of Phone or Online Counseling

There are certain unique benefits of Phone or Online Counseling. Some are :

  1. Privacy –¬† Although Face to Face is entirely confidential, still some people want it to be more private. Phone or Online Counseling offers complete anonymity.
  2. Opening Up – Phone or Online Counseling enables people to open up their inner self without inhibition or fear. This helps in counseling process.
  3. Convenience  РPhone or Online Counseling is more convenient as it can be done from your own office, home or any other place of your choice. It saves time and money on traveling. It can easily fit into your busy schedule. It is even more convenient in urgent odd hour sessions.
  4. Stay in touch¬† –¬† Phone or Online Counseling helps you to stay in touch with your counselor even if you are traveling or have relocated.
  5. Non accessibility¬† –¬† It is highly suitable for those who are not in a position to visit counselors personally like people in old age, physically challenged, people in remote areas or place where they are unable to find counselors.
  6. Phone or Online Counseling is a therapy in itself. When you write your complaints, it helps both as catharsis and by better understanding of the problem.

How can I take Phone or Online Counseling

All you need is access to internet. You can book your appointment, make payment and take your sessions online. Sessions are taken on mutually convenient time. You may also use email counseling. Contact Us for further details.