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Violence in marriage

Violence in marriage – ETHOS HEALTH CARE

Violence is any kind of behavior that a person uses, or threatens to use, to control an intimate partner. There is no single type of marital violence. Sometimes, controlling behavior on the part of her husband is a woman’s first sign that she may be in an abusive relationship. Her husband may prevent her from seeing friends or family and make her feel guilty or afraid if she chooses to spend time with others. Physical assaults coupled with increased social isolation strengthen his control. Over time, a woman can come to feel like a hostage in her own home.

In other relationships, the violence is different. Both the husband and wife slap or shove each other when they get angry. Often, they are more concerned about the content of their disagreements than the violence itself, and neither partner sees themselves as being abused or controlled.

Domestic violence can take various forms:

  • Physical – Violent actions such as hitting, beating, pushing, and kicking.
  • Emotional – Undermining an individual’s self-esteem, constant criticism, insults, put-downs, and name-calling
  • Economic – Examples include limiting the victim’s access to family income, preventing the victim from working or forcing the victim to work and making all the financial decisions
  • Sexual – Includes any sexual acts that are forced on one partner by the other
  • Psychological – Includes intimidation, isolating the victim from friends and family, controlling where the victim goes, making the victim feel guilty or crazy, and making unreasonable demands

Domestic violence is nothing to take lightly, before you commit to marriage or “get serious” make absolutely sure that you get objective advice e.g. friends and family and that you are not just follow your feelings as you may be “blinded by love”. Love is a choice and a commitment not just a feeling.