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    Self Hypnosis

    Self-hypnosis is when you hypnotize yourself. It is a form of hypnosis which is self-induced, and normally makes use of self-suggestion. It is defined as the mind state in which one have his maximum concentration and is also ready to make improvisations by learning different suggestions. Self hypnosis is very useful to learn, since you can do it whenever you wish, and in the comfort of your own home. You can save money, and gain independence by using self hypnosis.

    How it works

    Self-hypnosis for a better life uses positive suggestions to appeal to the unconscious mind, promoting feelings of self worth and well being. By keeping the body and mind relaxed and reducing stress, negative thoughts and emotions are eliminated and positive suggestions are focused on. It lets you shift the thought processes locked in your subconscious so you can stop smoking, never overeat and get rid of those fears that haunt you. When the positive suggestions are magnified, the self-hypnotist begins to accept it as the truth, applying it to his life after the self-hypnosis session is over.

    How to Perform a Hypnosis Session on Yourself

    • First of all, find a quiet place to sit or lie down. Make sure that your legs are not crossed.
    • Make sure that you will not be disturbed for at least half an hour, preferably an hour.
    • Close your eyes and take 10 slow deep breaths – in through the nose, and out through the mouth. Say to yourself the word ‘Relax’ on each outward breath.
    • You can also concentrate on an object, such as a flickering candle or a pendulum while keeping your eyes on the object. Feel yourself getting deeper and deeper relaxed.
    • Once you have achieved complete relaxation, vocalize your positive suggestions in your head, and concentrate on it for a few minutes.
    • Enjoy the state of hypnosis for as long as you like.
    • Remember to be patient and give those suggestions time to work.

    The manifestation of the desired effects of hypnotherapy varies greatly from one person to another because people respond to self-hypnosis differently. The effect also depends on the person’s willingness and ability to accept suggestions. Self hypnosis can help you with the solutions to many of your problems. You can perform it on your own time. There is no need to worry about making and keeping appointments.