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Unique Clinic

Ethos Healthcare has unique distinction of being pioneers in holistic healthcare and preventive healthcare. We treat diseases but more important we promote health and help people in preventing sickness. We all know prevention is better than cure. But even then most of us wait till we get affected by diseases. In recent years world has realized importance of preventive healthcare. It helps in many ways:

  • Helps people in living a healthy and happy life
  • Saves people from suffering
  • Save man power and people ability to work
  • Saves big amount of money

What is disease?

Disease can be described as affliction of body function or structure. The basic element of this affliction is tissue and even basic damage at cellular level. There can be some genetic proneness to this. Every human being has some body organ system or function weaker or prone to disorder. Any trauma be it psychological, nutritional, environmental or any other can initiate this disorder and lead to cellular damage and disorder of structure or function.

Preventive healthcare involves two major dimensions.

  1. Screening investigations in which periodic investigations or tests are done to detect disorder and sickness early and take remedial steps. Some like blood sugar test, blood cholesterol, pap smear, blood pressure measurement, regular clinical examinations are part of almost all preventive healthcare.
  2. Preventive steps like healthy nutrition, regular exercise, stress management, avoidance of addictions, control of pollutions, safety measures etc.

These two are indeed very important and have helped mankind. But these two have fallen short due to various reasons. Most important reason is these two are general steps. These are not individualistic and do not consider or take into account individual factors or individual’s unique psychosomatic makeup and health status. This is where Ethos Healthcare scores high. Ethos Healthcare is advocating and promoting adding up third unique and important dimension to preventive healthcare. This is Holistic Preventive Healthcare and at Ethos we call it Good Health Program.

Holistic Preventive Healthcare

It incorporates first two dimensions of Preventive Healthcare mentioned above and in addition has following:

  • Holistic screening
  • Holistic Physical Health Promotion involving one or more of Constitutional Homeopathy, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Yoga, Dietetics and other natural therapies. Constitutional Homeopathy is the most important as it is most easy, cost effective, with high compliance and alone is capable of promoting both physical and mental health.
  • Holistic Mental Health Promotion Counseling, Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy.

It must be noted that this third dimension promoted by Ethos Healthcare is different and unique. While most other measures focus mainly on screening and avoidance, this dimension focus on promoting health at individual level considering the persons specific details. For example it promotes better immunity to avoid infections. Similarly it helps in improving body’s tissue health and physiological functions. This result in prevention or delay in development of sickness.

Holistic Preventive Healthcare by Ethos has already helped large number of people worldwide in obtaining better health and living a good life. One can avail this Good Health Program from any corner of the world. We have:

  1. Good Health Program for Children
  2. Good Health Program for Women
  3. Good Health Program for Men
  4. Good Health Program for Seniors

We, at Ethos, make sure that all those who join us gain good health and live a good life. Our relationship is even higher than sacred doctor patient relationship. We urge you to be serious with your health. If you love yourself and your family, make a commitment today that you will take all possible precautions and take care of do’s and don’ts of health.

Take Health Pledge now and start living a good life.