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Feedback Infertility

Feedback Infertility

Repeated abortion

I had three abortions all in second month and all without cause. This was heartbreaking for both of us. Everyday I was getting more and more irritable. Our life became hell. I was advised some surgery but I was not ok with it. My doctor suggested acupuncture treatment. I came to know about Dr Anjali Sharma through one article. I met her and was impressed with her. My treatment took about four months. And yes it has proved good. My next pregnancy completed without single problem. Thank God and thank you Dr Anjali.

Submitted By: Kaveri

Succesful treatment

We had taken acupuncture infertility treatment from Dr Anjali Sharma at Ethos Body and Mind Clinic. It gives us pleasure to say that her treatment was successful. We are very happy with the sincerity, dedication, knowledge and skill of Dr Anjali Sharma. I wish all doctors on earth are like her. Our best wishes to you Dr Anjali. Keep doing good work as many more couples like us need you badly.

Submitted By: Astha and Samir

Poor sperm cells

My husband had poor sperm cells. According to test his sperms had low count and poor morphology and for this reason I was not getting pregnant. When this did not improve with treatment we got disturbed. He searched on internet and read about acupuncture treatment. We decided to try as last option. He started acupuncture treatment with Dr Anjali Sharma. In three months his sperm cell report had remarkable improvement. Today we are blessed with a sweet daughter and we are delighted.

Submitted By: Deepa Verma

I had premature ovarian failure

I was diagnosed as having premature ovarian failure. It was very depressing. My whole life looked meaningless. I tried treatment of many doctors but no use. It was destiny to have found Dr Anjali Sharma. My husband’s cousin had taken treatment for her own infertility with success. She told me to meet Dr Anjali Sharma. I saw some hope and started treatment. I prayed to God to make it happen. And it happened. Today I thank my stars that I met Dr Anjali Sharma.
Submitted By: Sangeeta

Can I ever thank you enough

I was so much in despair. Nothing was working. Then I joined Dr Anjali Sharma’s treatment. In three months I conceived naturally. My entire family is so happy. This is like a dream come true. And all because of you Dr Anjali. Thank you very much.
Submitted By: Dipti